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Welcome to another round of Trainime impressions for this season of anime! I'm going to take the time I normally ramble here to say, if you haven't watched Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun yet, you really should. Episode two had me in absolute fits it's so funny. Anyway onto the five for this go round: Bladedance of Elementalers (whatever that means), Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?, Tokyo ESP, Mobile Suit Gundam-San, Majimojji Rurumo

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Bladedance of Elementalers

This is a bland cliche male fantasy harem anime. Where the chosen guy is picked to not only have amazing supernatural power, but he is also the only guy able to do so, sent to a school full of "beautiful" girls. I put that in quotations because they're pretty much all loli characters and it just feels weird. I don't really suggest this to anyone who doesn't REALLY like harem anime. Yeah the fire kitty is adorable, but outside of that it just feels weak.

Verdict: NOPE



OH JOY. Another harem anime. -_-; Oh wait? This one actually seems to have a decent sense of humor? (The magic girl was especially good, that was a pretty funny recurring joke, hopefully it's not over milked all season) it's totally bonkers and feels a little like a complete wacky spinoff to Nanana's Buried Treasure, but it might be fun for a little bit of a lighthearted laugh.

Verdict: Strong enough episode to warrant me watching again

Tokyo ESP


Anime X-men. Seriously, that's the vibe I get from this show. Not that it's a bad thing, but it was just good for me, not great. Here's where I get the parallels if you're curious, charismatic leader of militant supernatural people claiming to be superior to human kind perform terrorist like acts to gain control of the earth. (If that's not Magneto I don't know what is). Oh and don't forget the group of similar supernatural people who want to help and protect people, even though they are still hated and feared by the populace at large. (X-men everybody? All we're missing so far is Professor X). I'm not saying that this couldn't turn out to be an excellent series or that I didn't enjoy it (I did). It's just it felt like something that has been a bit done before, preventing it from elevating to greater heights.

Verdict: Good not great

Mobile Suit Gundam-san


I almost feel like this is cheating a little bit as it's a short runtime series, at only three and a half minutes per episode, but I love gundam and fans of the series will laugh hysterically at this silly little show. Char's dance at the beginning had me going wtf?! but I was in fits of laughter by the end. Though the show is not for people who haven't seen the original series

Verdict: Loved Mobile Suit Gundam? Watch this!

Majimoji Rurumo


An ecchi show with an interesting premise. It's probably not enough for me to watch the show just because I found the fanservice around every corner a bit much, but for someone who doesn't mind or enjoys fanservice I could see this becoming a favorite, the humor is there and the premise allows for as many gags as you could want. As far as ecchi goes it's one of the more original ones that I've seen.

Verdict: good for what it is, but not my cup of tea

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