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Hey everybody! The new season of anime starts up tomorrow, and I'll be starting my seasonal quest to watch every available episode I can to give my impressions to my favorite people on the internet! BUT! Before that I thought I'd go over which shows made it through the Spring season for me, meaning the shows that I ended up sticking with the ENTIRE way through. It's kinda rare for me anyway, I usually start each season watching 30-45 shows and by the end I've only completed 5-10 of them. So let's get to the ones that made it.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou


My favorite of the season, it just gushed life and happiness and that awkward feeling of truly having a crush on someone. It was hysterical and the characters didn't immediately fall into every trope available. It was a nice, light and enjoyable series. It's not going to win any awards, but damn if I didn't have an amazing time watching it. *crosses fingers for season 2*

No Game No Life

Started out a little slowly, but week by week Sora started capturing my imagination and my attention, the show was so vibrant yet sinister. It had otaku humor in spades and while the fanservice could be a bit much, I found myself ignoring it as the show moved forward.

Nanana's Buried Treasure


An amazing start a slow paced middle and a baffling ending. I'm not sure whether it was a good show or not, I think I continued watching because of the potential it had for greatness, but it never achieved it.



Technically this started in the fall, but it wrapped up in May, so I'm including it here. One of the best executed rom-coms in a long time. God I love SHAFT. TEAM CHITOGE FTW. Also, it seems like it's not *if* season 2 will get announced, but *when* again *crosses fingers*

Chaika the Coffin Princess


I actually picked this series up from episode 2 where I dropped it earlier in the season, last week and rushed all the way through it by yesterday. O.o It was really good, but god could Chaika's broken speech start to get annoying on a binge viewing like that.

One Week Friends


All of the adorableness. All of the feels. That is all.

Honorable Mentions - These series are still continuing, but I wanted to mention them because I've stuck with them.


Baby Steps


So good and so faithful to the manga, it's nice to see a protagonist in a sports anime who isn't your prototypical hero. Ei-chan is a lot of fun, and it's been cool to see how he's acclimating to Tennis. The best is yet to come though!

Captain Earth


Started in a really confusing way, but it's studio Bones so I kept with it. I've really enjoyed it this season.

So that's it for me as far as what I've finished so far, and the new season starts tomorrow! What've you guys finished this season? Or for those of you who've watched a ton, what were your favorites?

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