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A Rocket scientist barges into the office that never receives such interruptions. Giovanni looks up at the intruder, ready to have his Persian strike when the words hit him.

"Sir, there has been an unexpected turn of events in the cloning project!"

Giovanni understands the need for his employee to come into his sacred space with urgency, but is still greatly annoyed at the lack of respect. On any other occasion, his Persian might have already mauled the uninvited guest.


"Get to the point," says Giovanni in monotone, hiding the mix of emotions between intrigue and anger.

"A batch of imperfect clones...have gained sentience,"

Giovanni's eyes widen and stare into the eyes of the grunt at his door, causing the hesitant researcher to flinch and look away. A guttural "WHAT!?!" escapes the Rocket boss's mouth.


Down at the lab,Giovanni stands in front of one of many glass cases that houses a strange gelatinous being. The Rocket boss puts his hand on the barrier, when immediately he sees himself from within the cage now looking back at him. The mirroring Giovanni places his hand against the divider.


That as a whole tells of the concept I had in mind for Ditto. The style I was going for was "comic book page". I had it planned for a long time but finally decided against it as the actual size limitation of my frame would pose a problem in allowing me to really expand the idea when it deserves so much more.


The concept that Ditto are failed clones of Mew seem to have some ground but more importantly for me, makes for a great chance to tell a story for a possible unique interpretation for the illustration of the day. The final work you see before you has nothing to do with that, and is the culmination of the second idea I had following the plan for a comic page.


Ditto is a being that has limitless potential. This translates into the sense of expectation being higher than ever by you guys, my audience, for an illustration. What could I do that could tell viewers his unique powers and how do I do it in a fun and unique way? The answer would be to get "meta".

Interestingly enough, Ditto's Japanese name is "Metamon (metamorph+monster) but the chance to get a living Pokemon to represent another aspect of Pokemon in another reality was a fun little twist to explore. As a kid, I believed that Ditto had to be the best Pokemon card. Not knowing the rules of the game (who did? I thought we all collected them for the pretty pictures) I figured I could just have a team of Dittos and copy the opponents and beat them with their own team.


How I handled Ditto was not to present a picture of him within the traditional frame of the card, but to simply have himself look like he was fitting into the card, when all the while he was the card. Still with me? It's more of an idea to have fun with on the aesthetic sense rather than to really think about it. I had been thinking about ways about incorporating Pokemon into or with Pokemon cards, since they were such an instrumental part about expanding the hype and phenonomenon that was Pokemania in its prime, and Ditto seemed to be the best choice to incorporate.


I felt a lot of pressure because as I said, Ditto is limitless in a few ways so I felt that had to translate into the illustration for the day. I thought of ways about featuring him transforming into Pokemon...but who would it be? I thought about him transforming with multiple features from Pokemon, but again, who would he take features from? And if I did feature the others, would the spotlight not really be on Ditto? There were so many questions and nothing felt right other than expanding what I had here.

So all that said, I really hope you enjoyed this Dittoception! The card that's seen here is the first Ditto card to be found in the TCG. The card was painted over and manipulated as needed to get this result. Thanks for reading this longer than normal write up and I hope you enjoyed today's work! See you tomorrow!




P.S. Here's a WIP of that comic page concept:


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