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TRON Uploads Onto Megadrive

On the other side of the screen, it looks so easy...

Tro-Now is one of several entries in this year’s BITBIT Jam competition. 1985 Alternativo’s team coder Pocket Lucho managed to squeeze the classic TRON Light Cycle death match grid battles onto Sega’s finest home console. Until some other home brew hero steps up and produces something like this for the Super Nintendo, Sega indeed does what Nintendon’t!


It is quite a complete package too. It supports up to four human players with just two joypads (think Micromachines control scheme) and most impressively, the game detects if you have a Mega CD attached to your Megadrive. If you put the TRON Legacy soundtrack in the disc tray, it will silence the regular FM music and play specific tracks of the CD during gameplay.

Quite ingenious! Since I have no human friends handy, please enjoy a quick test play in single player mode.

I could not use the Mega CD music feature because YouTube would derezz my account due to copyright. You will just have to trust me when I say it works rather nicely!


Download Tron-Now right now and give it a spin in your favorite emulator or go old school and hook up those lovely plastic black boxes. Pocket Lucho included the original source code if you are so inclined to know how the ones and zeros make all the magic possible. I am looking forwrd to future versions of this home brew gem.

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