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True Detective Season 2 is True Detective's 'Paul's Boutique'

So Paul’s Boutique is the second Beastie Boys album. When they were super popular because of “Fight for your Right to Party” they decided to just carry that thing forward, that energy. But they decided to make an album as a follow up that was true to what they were.

The album is kind of weird, a little bit self indulgent, and not what I would recommend to a new fan right off the bat, but it’s a classic and it was the right album at the right time. Also from there on out people who liked the Beastie Boys actually liked the Beastie Boys. True Detective is doing the same thing this season in attempting to make something that really hits the DNA of the series.


HBO’s True Detective, a mystery anthology show, exploded in its first season because of all the things it brought together. It had these movie stars doing this buddy cop routine, an interesting setting you don’t see on TV shows often, and the mood of the show was some sort of Southern Gothic wet dream oozing sweat and magic.

The second season is harder to typify, it’s dark and moody, the characters are going on strange journeys and yet trapped inside these machinations they can’t possibly understand. It’s like The Metamorphosis as a cop drama, everyone’s miserable and lies all the time. Like the case really feels very unimportant at all times, as an audience at this point if you can’t figure out who did what you’re a complete idiot. But this season is getting to the heart of what the series can be, that the case really isn’t as important as people might expect.

See TV has this set up for how things work, the case matters cause generally that’s the only thing that changes from week to week. Oh the detectives might change every so often, but in general if a person watches Law and Order or NCIS you watch cause in the course of an hour they’re going to solve a mystery, and maybe tell a few jokes.

The real mystery of this season is the characters. Who are they really and what do they want to be. There are a lot of haters this season, but the show still pulls in something like 12 million viewers an episode. When I watch this show it makes me think of Breaking Bad, how you can watch a person’s story over years as it unfolds, but this story is going to end in a few weeks. It’s so dense though, it feels like a later season of Breaking Bad. Just lots of poor decisions all around.


I am loving this season, it’s got this really rewatchable vibe to it. Always going back to the previous episodes once a new one comes out looking for things I missed, “what did I miss this episode?” There are shadows this season cast over everyone, it’s probably not the season I’d want to introduce people to the show with, but it is the season that shows what this series can be. Pure gold.

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