Kaylee awoke still tired. The dirty sleeping bag she’d found wasn’t exactly comfortable, and she was pretty sure she caught some sort of bug from it. Something else for the doctors in Diamond City to take care of if she was unable to find or make antibiotics of her own. She was thirsty as well, but she hadn’t seen a source of water since yesterday when she got so desperate for a drink she drank straight from a large puddle.

Kaylee had to head out anyway, even knowing her decision-making ability and general awareness would be impeded. Her food supply was running low. She knew the ghouls would be out there, as they had nearly killed her on the way in. The kidnap victim
at Back Street Apparel would just have to wait. Kaylee needed to return to the Drive-In she’d been calling home and resupply.

Just another day in the Commonwealth.

Bethesda recently updated Fallout 4 with the all new survival mode. And to quote Dogmeat, it is rough. No saving except at a bed. Certain types of beds only provide so much sleep. No fast travel. Fatigue that effects your AP bar the same way rads effect your health bar. All new diseases that you can be infected with by the denizens of the Commonwealth, or catch simply by sleeping on a dirty mattress. Enemies deal more damage, but so do you. Almost everything has weight now, so no more 3000 rounds of ammunition for all 16 different weapons I’m carrying. Now it’s maybe a hundred rounds each for the 3 different guns I’m limited to. And so many other new changes/additions/upgrades.


It. Is. Glorious.

I finally feel like I’m just trying to survive in the wasteland, rather than the wasteland bending the knee to me. I greatly enjoyed Fallout 4 when it was first released, but my major complaint was that I never truly felt like a survivor. You gain so much power so quickly in the normal difficulty that you might as well be a deity there to pass judgement on the land and its inhabitants.

Not in survival mode. Everything has a decision to it. I have to be hyper-aware of my surroundings, and as such have learned different areas, trails that will skirt groups of Super Mutants, where beds may be located, etc. Large groups of enemies need to be avoided, at least early on ( I’m currently level 12). Places I might have just run in before are death zones as far as I’m concerned, such as the Corvega Factory.


If you felt Fallout 4 was missing a real element to it, give Survival Mode a try. It’s so much more dangerous, but feels so much more rewarding.