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Trump Proposes New 'Metal Gear Rex' Program; FOX News In Love

Former Mayor of nothing Donald Trump shocked audiences when he announced his plan to create an AI robot with nuclear missiles.

“People say I hate women, immigrants, the government, children, animals...well no more. Tonight I unveil a really awesome plan to make America number one again, like the foxy broad she is.”

At that moment a giant bipedal robot shook the room as it entered from stage left.


“I call it Rex. The scientist who was making this wanted to abort it and I said no it’s going to be a superstar. From now on my answer to any question will basically be Metal Gear Rex.”

The FOX News panelists were seen visibly orgasming.

Other plans emerging from the debate were Ben Carson’s Beach Volleyball initiative and Jeb Bush’s far less well received Arkham Initiative.

In response a Clinton staffer replied “I’m very proud to announce our campaign now has a dog. Social media loves animals.”

Looks like the campaign is really heating up. We’ll have to wait and see what Iowan voters feel is more important to the future of our country - dogs or giant AI death robots.

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