I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

This may come as a shock to some of you but I really did not like this game. Before I tell what game it is I would first like to preface this with the fact that I love the series that both worked to make this game be a thing. I am a long time fan of them both so why couldn’t I enjoy this spin off? I don’t know but the entire thing just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

So here is my worst game of 2017:

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Put down your pitchforks! This game just wasn’t all that great in my opinion. The story was pretty awful. I saw the twist coming form a mile away. The original characters for this entry mainly the Hero Twins and the original bad guys were all forgettable. For the hero twins they have the same move set with slightly different special attacks and are just boring. My sister and I called them Boy and Girl because of how generic they were during our playthrough.

Also I feel like a ton of characters were missing and yes I know there will be DLC and the game has a season pass. Speaking of which I am tired of season passes and shit. The thing is the season pass is also just going to be loaded with costumes a few maps and maybe 8 characters last I checked but still I don’t care for it’s contents of the characters added. The Exclusion of Ike and Roy is not forgivable in my book.

So let me go on about characters for a bit longer too. So early on you get trhust in to the plot and the twins are looking for heroes of the other world this starts off with Fire Emblem Awakeneing with Chrom and the crew. Not too far in You are actually Introduced to Lucina and Owain, [OOPS SPOILER ALERT]  Chrom and Lissa’s children. [SPOILER OVER] Then thing is you can’t actually play Owain but you can play Lucina. So Owain is in the game from very early on has his entire moveset and even has help tips in the loading screens but he is an NPC you have to get via DLC to become playable. FUCK THAT NOISE RIGHT THERE!

They actually do this with a couple of other characters who are already in the game. they are present for story events and are in the game but only as npcs who you have to later buy to become playable. That’s not cool. I believe the archer guy with the eyepatch from Fates birthright another person who I can’t recall, and Navarre. So that is four characters already in the game that are NPC’s until you buy them.


[Actual game spoilers coming]

Now laying off the characters for a bit Lets talk about that weak story. Actually no I don’t care about the story because it was just bad. They collect stones to complete a shield magic shield from the heroes from another world. Chrom, Xander, Ryoma, Marth, and I forget if there was another or if the twins getting their special weapons made them the last ones. but they complete the shield. Then get crisscrossed, and find out their mum wasn’t dead. Their Childhood friend was a dickhead in disguise the whole time. Then they stop the big bad because people should quit trying to summon shadow dragons and shit but they never learn. Then they save the day


[Spoily oily over]

I just feel it was pretty weak compared to how well they have done up series like One Piece, Gundam, Legend of Zelda then their main staples Dynasty and Samurai warriors.also full disclosure I love the Legend of Zelda as a world, but do not enjoy playing the games once they went 3-d the only exception being Wind Waker. Even with that in mind I fucking loved Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. So that’s saying something.


The Mechanics unique to fire emblem were put in the game nicely but it’s nothing new to the series. Dynasty warriors has had its own weapon triangle system for awhile man/heaven/earth which was independent of the actually weapon type triangle in fire emblem sword/axe/pole-arm. Still their was the whole archers beat flyers and weapons could have mods to be good versus armored units or cavalry.

Also the sending you characters to other objectives is around in many of them games at this point so it’s nothing new really. The paring and affinity system was a nice call back to what started in awakening but again its not new if you have played a lot of Musou or Warrior games.


But Yeah besides my gripes with the story the characters and dlc I can’t even say it played all that smoothly and i was playing docked mode and it stuttered quite a bit. The music was good though. it was nice to hear some of the theme s with a ricking out guitar thrown in.

But yeah we picked it up release day here in the States played a bit solo then just decided to play co-op because we really didn’t want to play it twice then sold it back for like 45 bucks and got something else. That’s my worst game for 2017. Sorry Firm Wang Warriors you could have been cool but the thing that should have made you cool just wasn’t. RIP ROY IKE HECTOR and many other’s who didn’t make the cut.


Oh sorry I forgot to mention I may be a little biased because I also did not enjoy Fates: Conquest or Birthrite all that much they just weren’t that good to me and I didn’t bother with the third version either. just being honest. Then the fact that their entire Dual chapter is based on both sides looking for Corrin, Neither of them had Corrin. so they fight until finally the string of misunderstandings is cleared up. seriously fuck the conflict based on a misunderstanding trope.

Seriously you know it’s bad when i feel the Fire Emblem mobile game has a better plot than this. That is a dang mobile game! It just needs to be short and sweet for pick up and play’s sake. Even the original characters seem better. Also I like that their Anna is a knight which is different from the series usual Anna. That’s all for Novi today though. Let me make sure i have my tags straight before I post.


I leave you all with this.

best theme performance ever

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