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Don't ask why I chose this for a title image. Honestly, I just like it. I hate Arizona, but I love the Phoenix skyline.

Well, I missed my Monday Mornings post again, because I'm a lazy bastard, and I was going to post this as a casual post on TAY Classic, but it eventually escalated into a mini essay.
So why not?


-" . . . And that's when we went to a hospital"

So what's the most stupidest thing you've ever done that ended up requiring medical treatment? Me? It involves a machete, some fire, and a lot of anesthetics. . . Yea, I'll get to that, but first off, I'll throw something about myself out there. Despite my enthusiastic attitude towards danger and crazy-stupid shit that'll get me killed one day, I've actually never been in a hospital or required much medical intervention, ever. I've never broken a bone, and I've only been really sick twice. All those other times, I faked to get out of school, but really, who doesn't?


But anyways, that background makes this tale seem very disappointing. You see, I was supposed to trim down the palm tree in my back yard since it was starting to be of concern if I wanted my roof to be all nice and undamaged. So, instead of paying some dude $60 for the job, I bought myself a machete and decided to chop it down myself. So here I was, hacking down the leafy appendages off of another living thing, when suddenly, my hand stops magically, mid-blow. So, I try to move it, to no avail, and figured the blade must've been stuck. Naturally, I let go of the machete . . . . only to have it fall down, whilst my hand was still held up high. That's when I noticed that I had stabbed my thumb onto one of the thorns on the palm leave, or whatever they're called. So, I break the thorn off, and try to pull the rest of it out of my thumb. Nope, nada. I realized it was in deep, and my thumb was beginning to turn purple.

So, what's the most obvious thing to do? You got it! Go back inside, sterilize my exacto knife (I'm not using my utility knife, hell no. Don't wanna risk ruining the temper xD) using alcohol and my lighter (That's where the fire comes in) and try to dig it out. Honestly, it's not quite the most intelligent choice, but I've always wanted to brag about something like that. My father was once fixing up his Jeep when he was younger, when it came down on him and just narrowly opened his arm. So he sutured it up on the spot using the fishing hooks and line he had in his knife kit. And well, I've never had any gritty survival stories like that of my own, so I had to compensate for that by fixing myself up. After all, I wasn't going to let my father have the last laugh, right? Well, after a while of digging around and stopping the bleeding, I gave up. It was simply buried too damn deep, and I couldn't pull it out. I only saw about 4mm of the butt, but I figured I still had a lot more to go. And by then, I had lost any feeling of my thumb. So I went down the list of local places I could go to get it removed. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, which meant everywhere was closed, and I didn't feel like going to an ER. Luckily, I found an urgent care place nearby, where they were able to attend my wound. And just as the doctor was about to numb my thumb, he accidentally knocked over the bottle with the local anesthetic, and it spilled all over the carpet. . . . yes, that's where the "lots of anesthetics" comes in. Anyways, after that, he carefully made a large incision and pulled out a 2" thorn out of my hand. Why the hell are those bastards serrated?? I mean, I know why, but seriously! But alas, my adventure had ended. It was a good day, since I didn't have to pay for the bottle the doctor destroyed, and I finally had full use of my hand back . . . . Kinda. My thumb was definitely out of commission for a week. I still have the scar from the pseudo-surgery, and honestly, I'm proud of it ^^ It's not every day I get a new trophy from my misadventures to show off, and it was definitely an interesting experience.


-"That's 'Murica for you!"


The obligatory image that usually accompanies the statement

Am I the only one who doesn't get nationalism?? Like, at all? The reason I brought this up, is because of an interesting experience I encountered earlier today (and was the reason for writing this). I was at the mall earlier today, and was checking out some stuff at what I think is, the only airsoft outfitter in the city. So, here I was, looking through BDUs my size, in the camouflage pattern of my liking when some kid comes up to me and starts asking questions.


Kid:"Are you planning to serve, sir?"

What? "Oh, sure, kid" (sarcastically. Yea, I'm an asshole to people, ok?)

Kid: "Oh, that's wonderful! Thanks a lot for serving our country, sir!" *Does quick salute with left hand, and then runs off*


So, that honestly left me rather intrigued, and raised several questions in my mind. "Does airsoft gear instantly equate to active military duty nowadays?" "Do I really give off a soldier-y vibe? And here I thought I was too lean" but more importantly "Pfft, why would I enlist, anyways?". Now I'm sure everybody has their reasons, but I can't see myself joining a branch of any military out of loyalty or a sense of duty to the country. Honestly, I've never once identified with anywhere I've lived. I spent part of my childhood in both Canada and Mexico for a while, and since then I'd been moving from state to state here in the U.S. due to my father's job. I think it's probably that. Maybe, because I've never really settled anywhere, I just don't feel like I belong to something. I don't feel like I have a need to provide back to wherever it is I'm living at the moment, or be proud of the place, and the local customs and people there. To me, it's just a chunk of land that just so happens to have the resources and services I need, and I happen to have the qualifications and skills to live there. The end. I've always loved the idea that there's a whole world out there, and it was all for me. So many different colors and tastes, and so many different environments and ideas. Besides, we're all human, and in modern times, immigration and travel makes it possible to sample the world, if you have the opportunity of course. "So why would anybody want to stick to one region?" is my thought process. Why do I have to be proud of the achievements and growth of an area, if it's not a part of me? I'm just selfish that way, but I just cannot process that notion. Especially today, where the internet blurs the lines of nationalities and sovereignty. Yet, ethnocentric and chauvinistic arguments are found everywhere, to this day! I dunno. I just don't get it.

And, well, I just gave my experience on the subject, but this pretty much sums it up. I seriously wonder if Buckley's just me in another world line O.o

Oh, and since I usually pop in a metal song at the end, here's this.

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