I'm really feeling it!

Turning Over a New Leaf

The spirits of the cockroaches glow white under my feet
It took two days for no more to be seen
My kingdom now shines and I victory dance
"Thank goodness it's now all clean"

The sloth named Leif was found sleeping outside
When I woke him, he tricked me into weeding
Two of the sixty-three weeds managed to survive
But Heaven knows I tried


Don't let friends know, Don't let them see
What Shampoodle did to your bedhead hair for the 3000 bell fee
Don't let friends know what you are trying to conceal...
...Oh snap, seems they're already judging me

And now they know!


Let it grow! Maybe it'll grow?
How the hell should I know?
Here I stand, with not enough bells in hand
So let this hair hide on under


...Fedoras never bothered me anyway.

  • Turn over your New Leaf to find more cockroaches over at TAY Classic. They are running around having discussions on life, video games, and whatever else they want. For the love of everything, please do not squish them! Join in discussions instead, or make one of your own. Just use the 'tay classic' tag after the relevant ones when you post to your blog. If you had any questions on how TAY works, check out the handy tutorial for TAY.

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