Oh, the other one... I thought you meant of the things we eat.

Yes, TV watchers, Arrested Development has returned. Once again I'm gonna keep this brief. I haven't seen all of the episodes yet (on episode 6), but I'm loving them so far. I was talking to a friend about it earlier, and I remarked that it was much more like a movie sequel than an continuation of the original show, with the emphasis on pushing these characters outside of familiar territory. And yet everything that made the original series so daring and hilarious is still there in spades. I don't envy Mitchell Hurwitz's task in bringing the show back so long after the fact, nor the monumental expectations he must have faced, but I really admire their willingness to take risks and trust in the intelligence of their audience. It really seems like the only way they could've avoided making a huge mistake.

So let's chat about it! Be sure to use the big ol' [SPOILER TAG] when you go into specific plot details. Or, we could just sit around here quoting our favorite lines back and forth! Come on!

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