I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Twas the night before Christmas

Reposting this for some holiday spirit :D

I realize it’s early morning and pre Christmas, but I figured I’d share this before everyone was busy with the holiday. I wrote this like 5 years ago one day when I was bored. I rewrote the night before Christmas in a psuedo rap-ish form. Anyway, enjoy and have a great holiday weekend everyone!


Twas the night before xmas and all through the hood/ Not a thing was stirring cept some ol firewood/them socks be hung round the room with flare/ with the hopes that ol santaman would eventually get there/The kiddies be sleepin in their fresh sleepin bags/ with visions of Mario and Luigi on the roof, waving semaphore flags/with sis in a food coma and I right behind/ we readied ourselves for an 8 hour sleeping grind/ when out in the street there rose such a noise/ I said who’s rollin down the street with all of their toys?/To the windows, to the walls i flew in a hurry/ peeked out thru the curtains to see what was the flurry/the moon staring down at me, only 3 days left/ the cacophony was merely a truck with much too much heft/ When much to my suprise a new challenger appears/ backed up by a posse of 8 reindeers/ wait make that 9, i cant believe my eyes/ the sled, it transformed to a bot twice its size!/ They flew at me, their intentions in no doubt/ he yelled their names as they knocked my ass out/ Now! Solid Snake, Now! Cole Phelps, Now! Alistair, Now! Dovakiin and Optimus Prime!/ On! Drake, On! Lilith, On! Chun-Li and the oft forgotten Slime/ To the portcullis, to the top of the walls/ Now wave dash away dash away dash away yalls/ jet set like the radio, and ready to fly/ when surmounting an obstacle they take to the sky/ Up to the roofs the assailants flew/ the bag of goods and the santaman Ezio too/ In a quick flash i heard on the roofs/ the near non existent sounds of their feet not hoofs/ Went back in the house and with nary a sound/ down the chimney Santaman Ezio bound/ Dressed in his garb so fresh so clean and pristine/ made enough sense we never used the damn thing/ He looked like he had seen a world of troubles/ as he stuck in the stockings a mountain of baubles/ However different from me and you/ His beard was greying like all men’s will do/ with a grin on his lip, and a nod of his head/ i was assured of nothing to dread/ he moved fast and finished his work/ such speed he flourished and with a jerk/ he made ready to leave gathering his bag from the floor/ I wanted to ask how he got thru—but then he left by way of the front door/ he sprung to the roof, signal given to his team/ heard an eagle’s cry and they disappeared in a stream/ Though i heard him say as they disappeared from sight, almost as if he had wrote it /”Buon Natale a tutti, ed a tutti una buona notte”

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