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Twitch To Play Monster Girl Quest

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SAN FRANCISCO – Riding the momentum of Twitch Plays Pokémon Red, the historic, worldwide gaming experiment, Twitch announced today that their next major undertaking will be the critically-acclaimed Monster Girl Quest series.


"The people spoke, mostly with one voice," said a Twitch spokesperson. "And they said: we really want to experience Monster Girl Quest together, as a global community."

The company invited viewers, on an online poll, to select the next game that Twitch would play. Beating out classics like EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG, the little-known, indie visual novel was overwhelming chosen as a write-in candidate, ultimately receiving over 80% of total votes.


Monster Girl Quest 3 (notable as runner-up for Kotaku's Game of the Year) and its predecessors track the adventures of Luka, the game's cherubic protagonist, on his heroic quest to defeat the Monster Lord.


Your journey as Luka begins on the continent of Ilias, your home, named for the goddess who oversees your village. Although you are the son of a renowned monster slayer, you dream of a world where monsters and humans coexist peacefully, as they once did. But your life is suddenly upended when your quiet village is attacked by a monster, and the time to fulfill your destiny finally arrives.


Throughout the game, you wield the sword Angel Halo, a weapon of famous repute, which you use to seal away your enemies. In battle, monsters seek to drain your life force, which they feed upon insatiably. Losing a battle will leave you feeling weakened, as though some small part of you has died.

Following the system utilized in Pokémon Red, Twitch viewers will command Luka by typing in the actions that they want taken. The most popular inputs will then determine the courses of action that Luka takes.


"Although Monster Girl Quest wasn't one of our original choices for the next game that Twitch Plays," explained a Twitch spokesperson, "our philosophy is that we get back in return what we give to our viewers."

"Giving and getting, folks – that's what it's all about, am I right?"

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