I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

U Madden Bro? [Update 3]

UPDATE 1: First Touchdown
UPDATE 2: I killed Mark Sanchez
UPDATE 3: No contest 31-7 win over Philly

So, as I'm catching up on stuff and enjoying my new PS4, I decided to check out Madden 15. I've never played a single sports game in my life (OK, that's a lie, but does RBI Baseball 2 for NES really count?). I will be posting my impressions in the U Madden Bro series, if anyone is interested. Obviously for selfish reasons I would also love to hear feedback and tips. I realize this is kind of a dumb time of year to *start* a NFL game, but screw it!


Immediately, I have to say the game did a nice job of pulling me in - the intro was a recreation the Seattle/Carolina game. Let's just say I did a very good job of emulating Cam Newton's loss.

I've played through some of the basic tutorial portions. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to the strategy parts, because I'd like to gain a little more intimate knowledge of football mechanics. I have no idea when I'll start playing actual whole rounds of simulated football on this thing, but I'm happy to share my goofy experiences if there's anyone out there interested in listening.


UPDATE 1: After some fun in training to get the basic mechanics down, I played a random quick play game (not sure what the mode is called). I'm the Giants, playing at home vs Philly. My first Madden touchdown. After predictably bad Giants defense (yeah... it's their fault...) allowed a Sanchez to magically complete some passes to propel a touchdown from the running game, special teams stepped it up and got the sweet 80ish yard return (above) by Preston Parker to tie the game.

UPDATE 2: Eli Manning continues to be useless, but after a field goal and fumble return for touchdown, I am once again in good field position after murdering Mark Sanchez. Early report is that it's an upper body injury. No word yet whether he will be back in the game.

UPDATE 3: No looking back. 31-7. Thanks, easy mode! I look forward to exploring the game more, digging into the training stuff, and upping the difficulty level. My initial impression, though, is that I'm exhausted. This FEELS like watching a whole football game with a little extra effort involved. I'm going to hit the sack.

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