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The launch of Legacy of the Void is expected this year and I can’t help but wonder what heroes maybe added to the roster of Heroes of the Storm as well. With the pending launch, I have been playing the original StarCraft amd decided to do a series of hero wish lists, describing a hero I would like to see enter the Nexus. With some feedback from readers I’ve posted about the Medic, Mengsk, Fenix, and Dehaka. The latest hero on the wish list is Ulrezaj the Dark Archon from the Brood War.

“As far as we are concerned, killing high-born Templar is an act of righteous justice! Let the rulers of Aiur feel what it’s like to be hunted and driven from their homes! Let them suffer as we Dark Templar have suffered at their hands!”
- Ulrezaj to Zeratul



Ulrezaj is a dark archon made from seven of the most powerful Dark Templar. All seven personalities work in unison and he is named after their most powerful personality. Ulrezaj led a group of Dark Templar who still resented their banishment from Aiur and demanded that the Khalai refugees from the Brood War be removed from Shakuras or be exterminated.

Ulrezaj’s plan of revenge against the protoss of Aiur, who were settling on Shakuras was a double plot. First, he had hoped to use the warped khaydarin crystals to mutate Zerg under his control, rendering them more powerful and immune to the effects of the Xel’naga temple. They would be brought to the space platform over Shakuras through a warp gate. He thought the Dark Templar would hide in their secret places on Shakuras, while the Protoss from Aiur would be caught in the open and destroyed by the Fist of Ulrezaj, his Dark Templar terrorist group, as well as his enhanced Zerg. This plan was foiled by Zeratul’s forces. Ulrezaj’s following plot was still put into effect. Ulrezaj brought an orbiting space station over Shakuras to launch his assault. An EMP Generator was on the platform, draining the psionic energies of the Protoss. Again he was defeated and survived the battle over Shakuras, and it is said his hatred “still burns hotter than the brightest star”.


Ulrezaj is capable of creating blasts of dark psionic energy, which destroys creatures and objects in their path. Dark shadow tendrils snaked on the ground from his position, attacking creatures they could reach and his presence damaged the soil he traveled over. Ulrezaj was described to be able to teleport for short distances and he appeared as a huge swirl of “glowing darkness”. His outer nimbus created atmospheric effects such as wind and electricity. Despite his size, he was capable of moving “at the speed of thought”.

There seems to be a lot of interest in having Ulrezaj join the pantheon of heroes available in Heroes of the Storm. I found this hero concept on the Battle.net forums. In particular, I like the idea’s that the concept creator has for Ulrezaj’s abilities.


[Q] - Feedback (Level 1)
Mana: 80
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Drains 75 (+3 per level) mana and deals 120 (+20 per level) damage to target. If target doesn’t have mana pool, deals x1.5 less damage.


[W] - Maelstrom (Level 1)
Mana: 70
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Deals 100 (+18 per level) damage to an area and immobilize units for 1 second.

[E] - Oblivion Jump (Level 1)
Shield : -150 (-100 per level)
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Teleports to a distance and becomes invisible for 1 second. Ulrezaj can’t teleport if he doesn’t have enough shield.


[R1] - Mind Control (Level 10)
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Range: 1000
Take control of an enemy hero for 8 seconds. Cannot use heroic ability of controlled hero. Stun effects can disable Mind Control.
[Talent 1] - Creates 2 clone of enslaved hero. Clones are controlled by AI. They deal %75 less damage and take %200 more damage.

[R2] - Overpowering Darkness (Level 10)
Mana: 90
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Creates a wave of darkness around Ulrezaj that deals 600 (+35 per level). Decrease vision radius of enemy heroes for 6 second.
[Talent 1] - Overpowering Darkness also drains 125 mana of each affected hero and recharges Ulrezaj’s shield by x2 of drained mana.


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