Hey guys I just got this too bad I can’t play it until thursday my next day off. Here are the professional photos of what it included and my crappy ones from my camera phone.


For those of you who don’e know what this game is it plays kind of like Musou or [Series] Warrior/Heros games. The only difference at least in the first one is you played a Gal named Arnice trying to do her job and stop the Night King while also trying to save her Beloved.

I can easily recommend it if you like Action games, Anime games and Yuri. Nothing to explicit happened in the first one. but in all honestly Arnice could have easily Just have been a dude and the stories would not have changed all that much save for the hotel full of Male NPC crying about the sausage fest when the girls are out.

My hope for this entry is for more monsters, more cute girls, and better action mechanics.