....or ghost time... or something.

This is the second of the two articles I had meant to put out a while back but did not get the chance to, the first of which was the Final Fantasy Unboxing TAY.

Hello and welcome to another edition of Unboxing TAY! In this series I take a look at special/collectors/limited editions of various media and other things, namely things that have come out recently. I'll show off the goods and talk a little bit about each item and possibly the function(s) of said objects if there is more than what is visible. With that out of the way, let's get to today's topic which as hinted by the header image and title, is.... Blazblue: Chronophantasma!

This is the slip cover on the box. Notice it says free Terumi DLC. If you preordered this or the regular version you got the Terumi dlc, and as I understand it, if you preordered the digital version of of SEN (or as most people, myself included call it: PSN), you got the Kokonoe Dlc. Both of which are Dlc characters who became available to download for those without the code, some point after the game's release.


The actual box, with less logos and info.


Standard game case, nothing special there.

This one is kinda self explained: A soundtrack, and a special features disc.


Next up is this giant poster featuring all the characters, as well as their special moves. Some moves I've noticed, are on this list, but don't show up in the in-game command list for some reason.

The oft-found in collectors editions Art book

and lastly one of the bigger things about this set:


A Rachel Alucard Nendroid petite. My first Nendroid for that matter. Not a whole lot to go over with this one. She sits on a stand that supports Nago (the umbrella, who is actually a cat.) Her arms, head,waist and hair all have joints to swivel about. and she comes with Gii (the bat) who has a separate stand for himself. Being a petite Nendroid, she is quite small, a like a so:


As you can see, she is shorter than the D-arts Bass, who isn't that tall either. She's about 2.5 inches or so by my rough estimate. Quite the cool figure nonetheless.

A huge game, packed with all sorts of cool extras, this is one of the better CEs that have come out this year so far.( At the time it came out in February at least.)