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Unboxing TAY: The Prototype: Retro Edition

I hope everyone enjoys the pun/play on words/whatever that is the name of this series. As the title suggests, this is a prototype to test it out, both in execution, and to see if the new kinja is going to cause me problems in writing this.

Anyway Unboxing TAY will be a series upon whence I will do unboxings of new collectors/limited editions of things I collect. This will most likely be largely video games, but really anything that has some sort of special edition is ellegible here. Much like my choice to only review toys that I've recently obtained or opened as opposed to older things I've had in the TAYbox, it will follow the same structure here. This article notwithstanding (or if you guys want to see some older stuff as well, let me know)


Right so if you couldn't suss it out from the header image and my explanation of what this series is about, the CE I will be talking about today is for last year's Tomb Raider. (courtesy of pics I took last year)

Let's start with some of the basics:

Back to Da' Basics

  • The game came out March 5th, of last year.
  • The CE if I recall right, cost about $80USD
  • Was a reboot, not a HD remake/remaster
  • Was one of the 50 jillion games last year that featured a bow and arrow =P

Dat Loot:

As you can see I got the 360 version, and that the cover is mostly standard fare. The back of the slip cover, much like any other game, has all info about number of players, resolutions, needed space to save,etc, as well as a rundown of the included goods. But this, this is not what you want. You take that cover off and like Emeril Lagasse, BAM! You get this sweet ass tin.


Looks like it came straight from the Endurance herself (that's proper right? All seamen refer to ships as hers right?) Anyway, these kinds of things are what I love most in CE/LE's: Actual replicas of items or things from games as if they existed in our world. Examples of this include: Cole's Sling backpack from the Infamous 2 CE, Drake's ring and belt buckle from the Uncharted 3 CE, and pretty much everything in the Halo 4 CE. I just find those kinda things awesome.

Back to the subject at hand, the tin looks like it's seen it's fair share of bad weather conditions and looks quite aged and rusted. Granted its all paint only but the asethetic is nice.


As you can see here, nothing special going on with the actual game box itself. No steelbook or special cover art, just the same box art as the regular release. The CE came with a code for the Hitman weapons pack for the multiplayer in the box, as well as a standard "here's a free trial of gold so you can try out our multiplayer" code.


Next up, here we have 3 patches featuring some of the icons of abilities Lara can gain in her adventure. Pretty standard here nothing really fancy, just regular ol patches, not much more to say there.


Moving on to things more fanciful, here we have a 5"x7" lithograph of Lara about to cause major burnination across the countryside(but not necessarily the peasants.) Down below, we have a double sided poster. The one side is pretty much the cover art, while the other side has one of my favorite kinds of game/CE pack-ins: a map (although in this case it's not quite the same as maps you'd find with GTAs, or Skyrim,etc. This one is closer to a straight up map you might find in an atlas or a tour type book. A zoomed out view of the island, with a paragraph about it, as well as several zoomed in shots of distinct places upon the island of Yamatai.


Next up is a soundtrack featuring 10 songs from the game. Much like most LE's that choose to come with a physical disc cd, it isn't the whole soundtrack. (Although there are exceptions such as the FFXIII-2 LE which came with the complete 4 disc soundtrack.


Last up, if you are a fan of figures or Squenix's Play arts line, the price of this CE alone was worth it for the Play Arts Lara Croft that came with it. Depending on the figures, the general prices of Play Arts are usually upwards of 50$ or so with some going close to 100$ depending on where you look. If I'm not mistaken, the Lara figure retailed at about 60$ so that is not too bad a deal considering everything else in the CE you get.


Other than a few interchangeable hands, The figure and all its accessories are shown here. You get A bow, Arrow, handgun and Shotgun, also not pictured is her climbing axe. The guns can both be holstered in their respective holders, and if you really want you can manage to get the bow strapped across Lara's back as well, though I'm not sure if you are technically supposed to(in the event of doing so, the arrow has no place to go).

And that pretty much sums up everything that came in the Tomb Raider CE. Being as this article was a test/prototype for a new series, I'd gladly appreciate any suggestions or ideas on how to make it better. I'd like to do video, but I'm kinda loathing the idea since the only camera I have is the one on my phone. The first proper article in the series will hopefully be written/up sometime next week. Till then, keep salvaging those nuts and bolts.


Omake all up ins

So as a little aside, I also purchased the collector's guide, not so much to help me play the game, so much as because it came with this:


Yes that is correct, it came with a replica of her necklace. Which falls into my previously mentioned category of "Cool shit I gush over in CE/LE's" I have nowhere to hang it currently though so it still sits in that box it came it. <__<

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