There is no honor among thieves.

The Uncharted series has always had a good sense of humor. Most of that humor comes from Nathan’s mouth. Traversing through the chapters of Uncharted 4 and collecting the varied journal entries, has revealed his writing and drawing skills match his humor. The following excerpts from his journal are the highlights of those you will see in the game. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

anche se quelle frasi....

The first page of the journal really sets the tone for the rest of the game. What gets me though, is the several translated Italian phrases on the 2nd page. The best line is “My Brother is an idiot - Il mio fratello è un idiota”. Funny enough, the Italian actually translates into “My brother and an idiot”.

Quite a to-do list


The aftermath of the Italian job, this entry in the journal went over the supposed plan. The edited checklist is what really went down. It’s these little things like this, that give Uncharted it’s humor.

our 2 villains


Again it’s the little side notes of Drake that make this entry so good. The other good point is giving us the background on our antagonists.

Knot the best...ha..


Just taking some time to appreciate the actual art that goes into some of these notes you find. Love the seal or whatever it is drawn on this old page.

just hangin’ out


Imagine an Uncharted game without deathtraps...

You’re after treasure, of course there’s going to be deathtraps.

Oh look! breakfast!


Alright, this might just be the best entry in the entire game.



Again, the little notes make it great.

and only 10% deposit!


Think those Property Brothers could flip it?

Games need more lemurs


Lemurs are just great.

Talk about head rush...


Lots of skeletons to be found.


Nate can sketch so good, but draws his brother like that? HMMM....

I would also accept the tears of orphans as an adhesive.


This is another contender for best journal entry. Poor little pirate man.

The journal is mostly used to solve several puzzles in the game. However, if given the time, take a good look and read through all the notes. You might be interested to see what’s in store.


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