Hi TAY! Here are some brief thoughts about the new Undertale figurines! When I first saw them, I was stoked, so I slapped a pre-order down as soon as I could. But that was months ago, and then the figures were delayed, and they only just shipped this week. Was the wait worth it?

Let’s find out! With pictures! From my crappy camera!

The figures came shipped in a long skinny box with some familiar faces on the outside.

Sans looks legit terrifying.

There was even a little Toby Fox himself sneaking around the side of the box.


Inside were the boxed figures themselves, which came packaged together, along with a couple freebies: a pin of the best character in Undertale and a sticker of the protagonist’s heart-shaped soul, which I promptly slapped onto the side of my desktop tower.


The box the figures came in is pretty nice. The window and internal packaging don’t obstruct the figures much at all, so you could leave them in the box and still be able to display and enjoy them. Nothing otherwise remarkable about it; there aren’t any easter eggs or cheeky jokes anywhere on it that I can see.

The back of the box.
View from outside. (Hello, me!)


But anyway, we’re not here for the box! We’re here for the figures! The inside clamshell slides out of the side easily. The figures each come with a black base to help them stand up.

After looking over all five of these figures, I can say that while they are all generally of excellent quality for their price, I have a new nits to pick.


First of all, each figure has some difficulty plugging into its base. For some of the figures I really felt like I had to JAM the things in, and like the dumbass I am, Toriel slipped in my hands and white paint from the figure’s feet streaked along the black plastic of the base. Yikes.

good job, self
Some of the scuffed paint then refused to come off.


I had to scrape the white paint off the base, but I couldn’t get all of it. I’m going to try again with the rough side of a sponge later, but to see something like this happen while I was doing nothing more than insert the figure into its base is pretty disappointing, although admittedly it’s ultimately my own damn fault.

The figures’ difficulty with fitting into the bases isn’t a huge deal, thankfully, because A) let’s be real, even top-shelf figures have that problem, and B) all of these figures are very well-balanced and capable of standing up without the base.

I couldn’t get these two to fit into their bases completely. This was the best I could do. But regardless, both Toriel and Lesser Dog have no problem standing on their own.


Aside from problems with the bases, the figures look pretty great and have some decent detail for their size and price. Each one was $15, which isn’t much more than an Amiibo. Considering these were made without the corporate power and resources a huge toy company would have, the quality is great, and about what I was expecting.

I do have a few gripes specific to each figure. The detail and modeling could be better in some places, but for that, let’s go to my figure-specific impressions.

The Human

Let’s start with the game’s ambiguously-gendered protagonist. I’m guessing they are referred to on the packaging as “The Human” to avoid spoilers about their real name, but really, if you’re buying Undertale figures, you’ve played the game, right??


This figure might be my least favorite, but it’s not because of any real problems with the figure. The model’s loose and relaxed pose is reminiscent of the character’s calmly whimsical internal dialogue, but the trusty stick suggests that they may be primed to jump into action. The roundness of the figure’s midsection matches the squat, chubby look of the game sprite. For a character with no dialogue, the model does a pretty good job of somehow still capturing the feel of the character.

Next to my Pikachu Amiibo, for size comparison.


I only have two minor gripes with this figure. First, the paint on the face is just a bit off. The left eye is thicker than the right and the paint is smudged slightly along the edges. Again, it’s really not a huge deal - these aren’t Good Smile figures or something, the paint isn’t going to be perfect. But it is a pretty noticeable flaw. It’s the figure’s face after all. Thankfully however, it looks like I may have just gotten unlucky with the paint on my figure, because I’ve seen photos of other people’s Human figures that look much better.

And second - and this is a nitpick - but I’m not sure the model really got the character’s hair right. The figure’s haircut just doesn’t look much like the character’s haircut in the game. It’s not... wide enough?

The figure’s hair really doesn’t match the way it looks in the sprite, IMO.


But that’s a more subjective thing; we are talking about low-budget MS paint sprites in an indie game. Something like the character’s hair is reasonably open to interpretation, so I’m not really that bothered by it. And of course, the modeler needed some artistic liberty to adapt the character into 3D for a figure. Just a personal observation, that’s all.

Overall, I give the Human figure 8 Annoying Dogs out of 10! A very satisfying figure. Bonus stick. Extra side of impenetrable neutral facade.


Next up we have “goat mom,” the tall boss monster that the Human meets in the ruins of the Underground. I gave this figure a little shake and did not hear a little plastic heart rattling around in it, for the record.


The Toriel figure is proportionally larger than the Human, standing at about 4 or 4.5 inches tall. This is one of my favorites of the bunch. The model is fantastic and the pose is perfect, with her hands clasped delicately in front of her like the homely, nice old lady that she is. The shape of her face and cranium is weirdly enjoyable - I like how her ears are very thin and appropriately floppy. And the detail on her face is great! Perfect expression.

Her nose could have used little dashes of paint to accentuate the shape of her nostrils, but the detail is otherwise good.


Her dress is just the right color and the details on the Delta Rune (the crest on her chest) look great.

Overall, I really like this figure and I have almost no complaints. If only the base hadn’t given me so much crap right when I took it out of the box. Toriel earns 9 Annoying Dogs out of 10! So close to perfect, but not quite. It’s okay, I know she’ll forgive me.


Next is my darling Papyrus. He’s my skeleton husband, he just doesn’t know it. We dated one time but he decided it wasn’t meant to be. Something about being super excited to get friendzoned. Oh Papyrus, you heartbreaker. Sob.


I was not terribly excited for this figure despite my love for the character, because honestly, I’m not a huge fan of this model. I don’t know why his right leg is awkwardly contorted so far behind him like that. He has sprites doing a similar pose in the game, so I get what they were going for, but his leg is not yanked so far back in those sprites. It just looks too weird to me. Which is too bad, because aside from that one leg, this model is otherwise great! Maybe the figure would have been too tall if he was standing up straight?

Anyway, what’s great about this figure is the face. It just screams Papyrus and his goofy, joyful, innocent personality. There’s great detail, with the different individual vertebrae on the back of his neck and his big chompy teeth. The Starman symbols on his chest are well-defined despite being so small.


I do have to point out a problem with the paint on the back of the figure though. Mine had a large smudge of white paint on the back of his hips and his right hand - areas that are not white. Hopefully you can see it in the photo above (my camera only does so well with super close-up shots).

At least this flaw is on the back of the figure in an area that isn’t too noticeable. Aside from that and my personal dislike of the model’s pose, it’s still a very solid figure that’s sure to please fans of the character. Papyrus gets 8 Annoying Dogs out of 10!



You can’t have a Papyrus figure without a figure for his brother Sans, the nihilistic, ‘dog loving, teleporting referee of your karma while in the Underground. Sans is my second-favorite character from Undertale and I’d be lying if his “inaction figure” wasn’t the reason I bought this set in the first place. (“I want that one, but I can’t just buy the one without buying the rest of them!” my brain said.)


So because I love the character so much, it’s a good thing this figure is as damn good as it is. It looks exactly like his battle sprite in the game and the expression on his face is perfect. The paint details on his jacket look good and the model incorporates other details like the wrinkles in his hood and his pockets. And his slippers are pink! PINK SLIPPERS! That makes me unreasonably happy for some reason.

Size comparison with Papyrus

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this figure. Heck, it was even really easy to get the pegs on his base into his feet. The only thing I can think of is that some extra paint around his mouth to help give more definition to his cheeks and lips would be nice, in the same way that some paint marking Toriel’s nostrils may have helped improve the figure. But I admit that I’m grasping at straws with that one.


Sans earns 10 Annoying Dogs out of 10. A perfect score! Wowie!!

Lesser Dog

Is there anything that screams “UNDERTALE!” more than Lesser Dog? I mean, pretty much every character and major moment from the game is memorable and iconic, but Lesser Dog and Greater Dog have got to be some of the more famous parts of the game. I was really excited for this figure, and... well...


Just looking at it, it’s pretty great! The expression is cute and accurate, it’s even got those little blushy dabs of pink by his (her?) eyes. The sword is REALLY long, and the shield is hefty and well-painted. Likewise, the detail on its armor and belt is wonderful. As I mentioned above, this figure can easily stand up without its base, which might be the most impressive thing about it. You’d think that between the shield, sword and its tiny little feet, it would be hard to balance well enough to be able to stand, but they did it.

Here’s my problem with this figure, though: it’s basically hiding behind its shield. You can’t really see the left half of Dog’s face because the shield is in the way. This isn’t what its sprite looks like in the game, and it isn’t even what the figurine’s prototype looked like!


Do you see what I mean, with the three of them lined up like that? The pose of the prototype in the middle is so much better than what I got. I feel like the shield really overtakes the entire rest of the figure in the final product, in a bad way. You can’t really appreciate his adorable face with a significant portion of it covered up like that.

The only thing I can think of is that this was required in order to get the figure balanced enough to stand up, which is a shame, because I do really appreciate its balance. But was it worth it at the expensive of the figure’s model being good and accurate... probably not.


Aside from that major complaint, Lesser Dog looks great, has a great paint job, and is (mostly) faithful to the character in the game. I just really, really, really wish we’d gotten something closer to the prototype.

Overall, Lesser Dog earns 6 Annoying Dogs out of 10. Oof! Well, at least its neck extends adorably!! (which I forgot to take pictures of. whoops.)

In Conclusion

Am I happy with these figures? Overall, yes, they are really awesome. They are reasonably priced and of excellent quality for what you pay for. I do have some minor complaints, but it’s not like I regret buying them. This is a great buy for hardcore Undertale fans who want some good tangible merch that isn’t shirts, stickers or posters.


If you’re not a huge Undertale fan, the $70 price tag for the entire set might be a little steep. But $15 for your favorite single character is a pretty good price, and if you’re a big fan like me, $70 feels well-spent.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about them. Did you buy your own Little Buddy Undertale figurines? Tell me what you thought in the comments!