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As many of you already know, I recently got married and moved to an entirely different city where we honestly do not know anyone. This by itself would certainly be stressful but we are also looking for jobs on top of it. And in the past few weeks one of the things I have been most thankful for is that we are gamers. I believe that gaming has definitely helped my wife and I cope with the stress in a healthy manner that has even brought us closer. So I think it would be illuminating to talk about how it has helped us, just in case it can help anyone else in similar stress filled situations. I apologize if this gets a bit lengthy.


I believe the first and foremost reason it helps is because both of us are actually playing and we are playing together. I think it is getting increasingly easy for couples to just kind of do their own thing so much that the idea of spending time together is being in the same room. While this is not a bad thing, I think it can be taken to excess. But not knowing anyone and the fact that we have been unpacking and looking for jobs has meant that we have largely just been with eachother this entire time. And in keeping with this we started gaming more together. Last week my wife and I played through both Uncharted games together, and she watched me play through Tales of Xillia as well. This week I finally managed to talk my Wife into playing P4 on my Vita, which has brought me no end to amusement. I do believe that sharing games, even a little bit with our loved ones has the wonderful ability to bring you closer together.

The second way of course is that games are a glorious display of escapism. Even when we are both hot and tired from having gallivanted about town not only attempting to find jobs but just trying to learn our way around the town so we aren't lost ALL the time, we can still take refuge in a game and for a little while just work together to get things done, save the world, or find all the treasures, or just look around at the environments and enjoy accomplishing stuff together. I think that it is only right and good to give ourselves that little bit of escapism. I know it can seem like you are wasting time that should be used doing other things, but you owe it to yourself to escape for a while. Save that Princess, Solve that Mystery. It may not seem important, especially when it feels like you have hundreds of other things to do but take a little while to just do something else. I think that is one of the greatest things about games, once again not when taken to excess. Escapism within reason.


And the final way I believe it helps may be entirely exclusive to me, but I think that it is probably true for others as well. Going hand in hand with the escapism it provides it also at the same time provides focus for me. While I am playing the game my mind is focused on completing the objectives that are required which leaves the back of my mind to kind of sort out what it going on in my life for me to look at when we are done for the night with the games. And I think as gamers we have unique perspective on life when we allow it. When I think from the standpoint of who I am because of my passion for games I see things exactly as I do in the game, objectives to be accomplished. It puts things into perspective for me, and helps me from feeling as if I am drowning under all the things that I need to do every day. Some might see gaming as an unfortunate hobby when you are unemployed but I don't need to buy new games to enjoy my hobby, and I definitely don't need new ones to share them with my loved one. I see gaming as something that has truly helped as we have gone about the stressful time of getting married and moving. I don't know how that we would have handled them as well without the help of the likes of Nathan Drake or Jude or our awesome Animal Crossing villages. So don't look away from your hobby when times get hard, embrace it in new ways.

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