Hello everyone! Welcome to the Unofficial Veteran Farmer's Almanac of Seasons and Their Storiesᵀᴹ. In this series, I shall be giving my initial thoughts, reactions, and jokes about Story of Seasons which is (essentially) the latest Harvest Moon title to hit North America. Released by Marvelous and published to NA by XSEED, I plan on giving a completely unbiased, unofficial, and unreadable string of thoughts about the game at the request of Z, Nach, and Swan. If you want a more official look at the game, I definitely recommend reading the TAY Review.

Essentially, as I play through the game you'll experience the exact thoughts I had at particular moments. The purpose of these articles is two-fold. First, I want both noobies to the series and veterans like myself to get a sense of my raw thoughts on the game, without having had any time to stew on them and then change something. I want you to, indirectly, experience exactly what I'm experiencing so you can form your own judgments and thoughts about the game and whether it's worth your time or not. Secondly, hopefully some of these will spark fun discussions about how weird I am, because that always makes for good Kinja.

Last time we talked about Character Creation and the game's Tutorial. Moving on, while I will likely try to avoid anything ~spoilery~ (if such things exists) I won't be dodging scripted events that occur. So if you don't want to know what may happen as you play through a bit, beware!


Spring Is Here:

- Man you run out of Stamina really fast when trying to chop lots of wood or break boulders. Then again, I opted to play on El Classico mode and I've just started the game. SO I ASKED FOR THIS.

- The free barn + cow combo upon upgrading your house was mostly expected.

- Leaving said free cow out on the first day I have her only to have it rain wasn't expected.


- She's not mad at me, rock on cow. I should go buy some Fodder now...

- Constant "possible" income via Fish & Bugs in case of an emergency, good to know.

- The fully customizable farm/house is a really welcome addition. I look forward to sculpting & crafting things to my liking in due time.


- Okay cool, you can jump over fences. It's the little things people, always has been with Harvest Moon.

- I can still use the tutorial farming area for my own crops (at least for now), so that's pretty awesome given there's a water spigot there and I can't seem to locate one on my farm... though I may just be an idiot.

- I like that townsfolk walk around a fair bit, makes the town feel more lively. Especially that some venture into the mountains from time to time.


- Ooooh, secret other side of the river that you can access via swimming with extra resources.

- Found the Harvest Sprites after some gated content (literally), became unlocked. Likely can become helpers, but haven't confirmed that yet.


- I really like that when I pick something up, it just goes into my bag. No questioning "Would you like to hit another button to put this rock that you clearly just picked up into your bag?" That sounds minor but it was a HUGE gripe in some other installments.

- I've listened to the over-world theme for probably about three hours now. While it hasn't totally gotten grating yet, it is kind of getting old. Some variance would be nice but this has basically always been an issue with Harvest Moon games. Just wish the town plazas had a different theme I think.


- You can secretly make all the wild animals your friends !_! Definitely recommend reading all the books in your bookshelf, lots of hidden info there.

- Blueprints are expensive. This is not a bad thing. It's WAY better to be poor and wanting to improve things in comparison to being super rich and having nothing to do in Harvest Moon games. So for an initial start, this is a-okay with me. Is it gated content? Sure, but that's good.

- The guild is still setting up. I'm 10 days into the game and you've already moved me into my house, but the Town Guild that's been here since the dawn of time isn't opened? GEEZE VERONICA, GET YOUR STEEZE TOGETHER.


- Just found the Animal Notebook. Very in depth analysis of your animal with pretty much everything you could possibly need to know, including what chores you've done today for it.

- Built myself a fridge so I can store the milk I don't sell. The modular house structure is really nice, being able to build and move anything I want will be very very cool.


- Yea I'm just an idiot, I totally have a water spigot.

- I traded some milk for a horse... #VALUE

- Can now afford my second cow, THE ADVENTURES OF LINDSY BEGIN! (Damn 6 letters restriction :I)


- Meanwhile Hanako, the tried and true first cow, entered the Moo Moo Festival and came in a valiant fourth place (... out of four entries)

- Speaking of cows, they were hungry even while outside... Am I missing something with the grazing mechanic? Is there not one?

- Not having merchants to sell to some days kinda sucks, but it adds a good degree of difficulty in selling your produce while it's fresh (and as I attract more merchants this should be less of an issue I think). The calendar has become a big part of my daily routine.



- Veggies came in time, let's see how my AMAZING ONE STAR TURNIP DOES. BRING IT ON FRITZ.


- Fritz won :I, came in fourth. This is to be expected though, it's only my first season. Hopefully by Fall I'll have a contender for some form of contest, but we'll see. :)

- Streetpass features are kinda meh. The magic wand is a nice concept but not actually being able to help friends do stuff on their farm is "eh". I mean it's nice that we can connect, but meh.



Impressions Analysis:

Days can be as simple or as complex as you like. The difference between El Classico Mode and Seedling Mode is pretty drastic. Having that stamina bar tick down rapidly as you do physically extensive chores adds a high amount of difficulty to having "the perfect day" consistently. With that said, when you do have big harvest or clear out some boulders/trees, it's very satisfying.

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