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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Unofficial Veteran Farmer’s Almanac of Seasons and Their Storiesᵀᴹ. In this series, I shall be giving my initial thoughts, reactions, and jokes about Story of Seasons which is (essentially) the latest Harvest Moon title to hit North America. Released by Marvelous and published to NA by XSEED, I plan on giving a completely unbiased, unofficial, and unreadable string of thoughts about the game at the request of Z, Nach, and Swan. If you want a more official look at the game, I definitely recommend reading the TAY Review.

Essentially, as I play through the game you’ll experience the exact thoughts I had at particular moments. The purpose of these articles is two-fold. First, I want both noobies to the series and veterans like myself to get a sense of my raw thoughts on the game, without having had any time to stew on them and then change something. I want you to, indirectly, experience exactly what I’m experiencing so you can form your own judgments and thoughts about the game and whether it’s worth your time or not. Secondly, hopefully some of these will spark fun discussions about how weird I am, because that always makes for good Kinja.

Spring has come and gone, now we move on to my least favorite season in real life (but one of my favorite’s in Harvest Moon games)! Summer, in previous installments, was always a super produce heavy season with lots of crops that would grow, and then re-grow, and then re-grow some more. We’ll see if that remains the same in Story of Seasons!


Feel That Summer Sun:

- Summer jams are way better!

- Trying to find what crops are available, no merchants in town for a few days though :( General store only has ONE bag of Onion Seeds for sale, so that kinda stinks

- Merchant is finally in town... I may have overdone it a bit with 17 bags of Tomatoes and 4 bags of Soybeans. I’m excited to start trying to unlock other Merchants in my games. However, I will not be looking up guides for major plot elements in this game. Too many times have I made my Harvest Moon games a rinse and repeat by taking all of the discovery, magic, and exploration out of them. NO LONGER. Solemn vow, unless something is driving me absolutely nuts I’m not looking it up, consequences be damned.

- Cicadas are back when it hits sundown! :D I hate those lil’ bastards in real life but they’re a welcome addition to the sounds of the wild.


- The Fishing Festival is IMPOSSIBLE. Old man Ketchup (Heinz Farm) caught 21 fish, I caught 7. Gunther caught a 491cm fish, I caught a 52 :I



- I forgot about the watering twice a day mechanic!! Doing so makes it so you have less time to fertilize your plants, but at the same time given my immediate cash need this is a good idea.


- Watering all of your planets twice is hella stamina expensive... shit

- Gave Raeger the perfect gift. Hopefully we can be “official friends” sooner rather than later.


- Thunderstorms actually push you around because the wind is so intense. That’s actually kinda cool! With that said some villagers were none too pleased I was out and about.


- Fun tidbit, villagers respond to you differently sometimes based on how much stamina you have left. I actually find this really interesting. Grandma, doctors, and some villagers get concerned if you’re like half dead at 9 AM.


- Time to put this stuck up bitch in her place. This is my first time challenigng someone for a field so I’m not sure what to expect. Seems that we can either compete via a festival or shipping totals on a certain day. I’ve got some random shit thrown together so we’ll go for the shipping.

- She beat me, goddamnit. Can’t even save scum to go back a few days and try to prep for it better... oh well. I’ll save up and plan accordingly for the next one. Can my tomatoes be fully grown please?


- The Fireworks festival allows you to donate a certain amount of funds to have a cooler show (and maybe make villagers more happy or something as well?). Originally I only donated 100g because I was dirt poor, but that got an immediate negative response so I save scummed, sold some extra milk and gave 1000g for an average show.


Upside, I was left with this little gem:


- Days are taking a long time now. Multiple fields to water, sometimes twice a day. Breeding fish, collecting things around rivers, feeding wild animals (the bunny tolerates me now and doesn’t run away!!), saying hello to villagers and giving gifts, etc.

- 16 hours into this game and it’s Summer 22.

- Had my first ~lady time friendship McSteamy Love Romance !ShipIt!~ moment. An extended cut-scene that also actually gave you dialog options! We’re not talking like Mass Effect level decision making here, but it does give the player some range in whether or not they want to make it clear to the NPC in question that they agree or like what’s going on or not. I’ve had this interaction with non-romance NPCs (like Fritz and Gram) as well. I like the fact that the game is giving us some choices here, however minor they may be in the grand scheme of things.


- Summer 23rd is the day I use my MASSIVE 2 STAR TOMATO SALAD AND SOUP EMPIRE to conquest the vegetable..leafey... I don’t fucking know, the plot next to the plot I already own plot. I’m plotting for that plot! (Turns out it’s just called Leafy Crops)

- The Copper Watering Can has been a huge time and stamina saver. Way bigger water supply and it takes significantly less strength to use it for a wider range of plants in comparison to say, the Old Watering Can.


- Fuck it, KFC Double-Down time. Challenged Giorgio to one of his fields as well. Whoever ships the most on Summer 24th. Yep, I’m going for a 2 for 1. Let’s see how it goes. I also managed to remember to renew the plot I already own. Forgetting to do that woulda sucked.


- Awwwwwwww yea. 17946 on Summer 23rd, 1st place baby. 28386 on Summer 24th, 1st place by almost double. The gamble was a little stressful there for a second but it paid off.

- As a result of said gambles and patience I am now flush with cash. Bought all of the food recipes available for sale from the Silk Booth, a few tool upgrade recipes, and now I have my eyes set on the Seed Maker... after I go fish some more bricks out of the river. /sigh


- There’s still a few days of Summer left, but it’s late and I really wanna get this post up for you guys. We’ll cover the last few days in the next round-up. Until then folks, please continue to read, comment, and enjoy!

Impressions Analysis:

The point about day length is not a bad thing, it’s like I said in the Spring post, days can be as simple or as complex as you like. When it comes to Harvest Moon I tend to let my perfectionist side emerge a lot more, so I try to min-max stuff during each day. To me, this is a fun little challenge. To others, it could come off as annoying or a hindrance. Summer is always crazy active though.

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