Hello everyone! Welcome to the Unofficial Veteran Farmer’s Almanac of Seasons and Their Storiesᵀᴹ. In this series, I shall be giving my initial thoughts, reactions, and jokes about Story of Seasons which is (essentially) the latest Harvest Moon title to hit North America. Released by Marvelous and published to NA by XSEED, I plan on giving a completely unbiased, unofficial, and unreadable string of thoughts about the game at the request of Z, Nach, and Swan. If you want a more official look at the game, I definitely recommend reading the TAY Review.

Essentially, as I play through the game you’ll experience the exact thoughts I had at particular moments. The purpose of these articles is two-fold. First, I want both noobies to the series and veterans like myself to get a sense of my raw thoughts on the game, without having had any time to stew on them and then change something. I want you to, indirectly, experience exactly what I’m experiencing so you can form your own judgments and thoughts about the game and whether it’s worth your time or not. Secondly, hopefully some of these will spark fun discussions about how weird I am, because that always makes for good Kinja.

True to form, Summer started off slow but then promptly grew into a giant Tomato Empire, the likes of which this peaceful little town has never seen! Fireworks were displayed, cash was made, and friendships were formed. When we last left off though, we still had a few days left.

Wrapping up Summer:

- My tomato empire has spawned the introduction of Cabin Country’s store! They offer a much wider variety of goods, including animal treats, additional tools, recipes, blueprints, sheeps, etc. With the spare funds from our Tomato Empire, I went ahead and purchased a sheep and named her Cotton, because irony.


- Kinda saddened that markets/general store don’t sell the next coming season’s plants in advance. Like say on Summer 29th when it’s clear nothing you would plant in Summer would grow in time, some games used to offer the upcoming Autumn/Fall crop seeds instead. Minor thing, but something I would have enjoyed.

- The Harvest Festival is here! I almost got pissed off at myself thinking I had gotten rid of all my crops but I had some fresh two start tomatoes in my backpack from yesterday that I had forgotten about. Let’s see how I do!


- I won! THE TOMATO EMPIRE IS A LEGITIMATE KINGDOM. As a result of my victory my tomatoes how now earned a Bronze Ranking, and will have higher prices at market! I also won a recipe book that has a lot of cool new options, including Grilled Tomatoes and Tomato Juice... how fitting!

- The only downside to this ranking upgrade is that it doesn’t seem to affect items that are cooked from said crops (as they naturally are worth more than the raw food output) so that kinda stinks. Oh well.

Falling into Autumn:

- Yea naw, there was literally 0% chance of me not making that awful pun, you’re welcome.


- We’re introduced to Agate, the Park Ranger, who seems to have a history with Veronica.

- Turns out she’s actually the Ranger of the Safari, which is a new locale I can go to that has an area for mining, seeing cool animals, reducing the stress of my livestock, etc. I’ll have to stop by later to get a more advanced look at it.

- Silk Country now considers me one of their top traders, and wants to give me an exotic pet as a means of saying thanks. Evidently I need to construct a huge tree in the Safari? Is it a monkey or something? I went to the Carpenter and said tree costs 100,000G, DAFUQ MAN.


- Music Festival was pretty cool! They play songs from older iterations of the series. Sadly I can’t mentally place what song was played during my show, though I knew the tune. I want to say it was remastered to an extent, but I can’t confirm that. Funny how easy it is to jam to a tune and then forget it.

- Plus at the end of the show I was greeted by this face and my brain went blank out of fear:



- So I’ve fallen into the classic Harvest Moon dilemma where you plant waaaaay more than you have any justification of doing so. Eating grilled fish is no longer optional, it’s now a requirement in order to finish all of the day’s chores. Watering twice a day is a non-option, and spreading fertilizer is limited to renewable crops and select fields of one-time crops. This could hurt me in the short run, but the hope is that the payoff is going to be MASSIVE mid-season and continually throughout.

- I dunno, I felt guilty for owning three additional fields and not using them, sue me. :3


- Rainy days are a goddamn’d peaceful godsend, holy crap I was running out of fish to eat.

- Autumn at night is nice and peaceful. The music is pretty chill, there’s fireflies out, etc.


- The mine at the safari is hilariously broken, it’s practically an ATM. It spits out Topaz, Mithril, Adamantite, and 50 other gems on a daily basis, most of which sell for around 4k individually. I’m conquering fields left and right and will probably make expotential farm progress shortly once my crops hit.


- I’m noticing if I change up my diet I’m getting more stamina return in comparison to just eating Sweet Potatoes based foods over and over. Maybe just placebo effect, but I’ve got a nice enough crop rotation going now. As a result I’m able to get a ton of work done in a day while nom’ing on food constantly. My growth limit is only blocked by my patience to make days much longer.


- I’ve unlocked the Bees & Mushrooms area now. Mushrooms grow on logs and don’t have to be watered, which is super awesome. My little honey bees and huge bees of bousesness each have their own hives, and will hopefully grow me honey (and maybe something else?) throughout the season. Let us note these are the only bees in video games I haven’t hated yet.

- There’s a fashion show and this outfit, submitted by Fritz, didn’t win. There is no justice in this world.


- I’ve now unlocked the Coop. We’re starting out with 3 brother chickens: Cluck, Chuck, and Omelette. Also I purchased a bunny named Fluffy to watch over these guys.

- Later there was the cooking competition. Reading it from my calendar it sounded like we needed to have a 4 course meal and beverage, so I went all out and cooked with the best ingredients I had. Turned out you can only submit one category of food, rip. Upside, my carrot soup was good enough to win the competition, and now all of my soups have a bronze badge.


- I’ve unlocked the Sakura & Wheat Country traders, and then later was GIVEN MY OWN STORE. THIS IS AWESOME. It’s fully customizable on what type of store you want it to be each time you use it, you can control what you have available to sell, can open & close the store, and finally collect your earnings as shoppers browse your cart. This is a really cool addition to the game in my opinion, because now I can get creative with different shop setups for fun. I’m noticing a very reasonable return rate on people buying up my stuff too, which is appreciated (maybe because I’m stimulating the economy so much?)

- Chuck has a baby chick named Duck, because LadyRer enjoys a good bit of silly irony.


- Raeger’s friendship is finally paying off! I’m getting secret recipes from him every couple of visits now, which is pretty rad. Nothing super fancy that I can use yet, but hey, it’s still cool to add it to my addition of available recipes.

- Given our massive influx of cash I’ve purchased the Cheese Maker as well (though I lack the literal gold to build it), the Sewing building [which is crazy complex, which is both a plus and negative].

- Not sure how I neglected to mention this (?) but I long ago got the Seed Maker, and it’s incredibly worth buying. I can consistently get almost every available form of produce up to at least 2 stars within a set season now given my fertilizer rotations (and creations, via the Seed Maker shack, using grass and twigs).


- To add some drama to things, I decided to fight for Fritz’s grains field by making it so that the winner of the Harvest Festival takes ownership. Naturally, Giorgio and Elise didn’t hesitate to jump into the competition. It’ll now be a Four Farmer Fight For the Field, try saying that ten times fast.

- Speaking of which, I’ve got now a 2.5 star Eggplant crop. Elise challenged me a few days ago to bring over a vegetable to prove my farm’s worthiness, and she said it was nothing special.



Impressions Analysis:

Autumn was LONG, for me. I think the primary issue was I kept on getting swamped at work, or I’d want to stream/record something, but for whatever reason this article (and the season as a whole) took forever to get through. I think the primary reason for this was that most days were taking me 15+ minutes to play through. By comparison, as of the ending of this article I’m already on day 11 of Winter. It’s blazing by. Dunno what it was that kept me from proceeding, but I thank you for your continued readership of this series and sincerely hope you’re enjoying them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.



So read the next article, hopefully sooner!

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