Unpopular opinions. We all have them - especially when it comes to media. The Beatles are awful, I don't understand the appeal of Pulp Fiction (and I love Tarantino), and I seem to be the only one that *loves* the 90's version of The Outer Limits. But with all the console wars and fanboyism attached to gaming, people get a little more shouty; especially on the internet. TAY, what are some of your unpopular gaming opinions? I'll list some of mine below:

- [Pictured] Final Fantasy Mystic Quest has the best OST of any Final Fantasy game. I'm serious! Maybe nothing special in the gameplay department, but it's totally worth playing just for the music.

- Shadow of the Colossus is terrible. This is one a lot of long-time TAY users know about. I haaaaaaate SotC, and all the praise heaped upon it. It's basically the boss rush mode of a game, except they forgot to actually make the rest of the game to go with it. There's long stretches of nothing happening, the colour looks washed out and terrible... I get that these are all artistic choices, but just being "art" doesn't make it good - any jackass could draw a soup can, after all.

- Art games in general are bad. Journey, Flower, The Unfinished Swan, Thomas Was Alone... These games all take a minimalist approach, and I'm sure that has its audience... But I'm just not part of it.

- Silent Hill: Homecoming is not a bad game. Seriously! I mean, lets not get confused here, it's nowhere as good as the first three games in the series... But it's hardly bad. The art design and music are great, the gameplay is solid (even the dodge roll that everyone says doesn't work right; I never had a problem), and it might be the only Silent Hill game that's made me actually dread what's around the corner. It's a 7 or 8/10, but given how much Silent Hill fans and the media shit on this game, you'd think it was as bad as Rogue Warrior or something. I look at it as an American horror trope adaptation of Silent Hill, and that's exactly what it wants to be.


- The SNES and Genesis are equal! Most people can pick a clear favourite - usually the SNES... But there are great games on both systems, and it's really quite impossible to definitively say which is better. And in some departments for me, the Genesis is better - Beyond Oasis is better than Link to the Past, Sonic 3 and Knuckles is better than Super Mario World, the shmups are better (but only by quantity - R-Type 3 and Sonic Wings are two of the best shmups ever made). But the SNES has great RPGs and beat 'em ups out the wazoo. So there.

- Open world games are (mostly) boring, despite the freedom. This one's weird - I just don't know what to do with open world and sandbox games. This probably goes back to childhood; I was assembling 200 piece puzzles when I was 3, but I just threw action figures in a box. I generally need a purpose to my games, and if there's not a great story to accompany the huge world, it just doesn't work for me. The only open world games I can remember enjoying at all were... Fallouts 3 and New Vegas.


- Anything earlier than the Genesis is just unplayable. I grew up with the Genesis. I've tried all the best NES games - Sunsoft Batman, Ducktales, Contra, Double Dragon, Super Mario, Metroid all the games people have immortalized in pop fiction. Don't like any of 'em. Atari is less fun than watching the TV Guide channel. These old consoles are stepping stones to the greatness of the SNES and Genesis, but definitely nowhere near as good.

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