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Nintendo of Japan just posted a six minute video showcasing all the features in the upcoming Yoshi’s Wolly World. The trailer opens up a group of sad Yoshis, why are they sad? It turns out that the one and only, Kamek, has been up to his old tricks again, this time he transformed and captured all the Yoshi and is up to you (the green Yoshi) to rescue them!

  • All the Yoshi have been transformed into Wonder Wool, by collecting all five of these in each level a new Yoshi pattern can be unlocked; up to 50 different patterns can be unlocked in the game, including personal favorites Moo Moo Yoshi and the Shy Guy Yoshi.
  • Items are back, but instead of finding them in bonus rooms like they were in Yoshi’s Island, in Woolly World you collect beads as currency to pay for the power ups.
  • Also returning are the Smiley Flowers, and just like previous games there are five of these distributed around in each level.
  • Making its debut are the Miiverse Stamps, which can be used to unlock stamps for Miiverse.
  • Casual Mode can be turned on at any time in the pause menu.
  • The transformation rooms from Yoshi’s New Island return, with new transformation such as Bike Yoshi and Airplane Yoshi.
  • Taking a cue from the New Super Mario Bros. series, Yoshi can now grow in size to un-thread anything that crosses its path.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming out in Europe on June 26, and July 16 in Japan, expect more news and a release date for America during Nintendo’s Digital Event next week.

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