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Unwillingness to Trust Can Decide the Fate of a Galaxy

Trust. It starts with truth and will never end as long as the truth remains. But what if that truth is something we can't accept? We species of the galaxy are so quick to believe a lie that appears real, but how many times have we stared the truth in the eye, only to cover it up because we fear what it means?

When I look back on the past few months, I see how some were easy to trust me and, with others, how trust and loyalty were never present. After everything I've done, all the sacrifices and hardships I've suffered through, all the life-threatening situations I found myself in, the one thing I've always kept was my word. And my word alone is not good enough for the Council.


At Therum, when I saved Liara, I faced scrutiny for my choices. On Noveria, when I eliminated Benezia and saved the Rachni queen, I was lambasted by the Council for not committing genocide. On Feros, I saved a colony and killed a creature with the power to enslave minds, yet my choices, my actions, were constantly criticized no matter the outcome. With all the decisions I made, with the warnings I presented, one thing was clear: the truth will only be seen by those with the fortitude capable to observe it.

But can I truly despise them? When I see this truth about the Reapers staring back at me I am filled with terror. We face extinction, and to take action against beings that have gone through this cycle for millennia is frightening, but I can tell you one thing: the true horrors of inaction are only realized when we discover taking action was the one option for survival.

And in the end: I failed. It was my job to convince the Council of the coming threat that was always staring at them. On Ilos I saw those facts, in the form of a Prothean AI named Vigil. It confirmed everything I already knew, our first true contact with the civilization that we barely have any knowledge of. And its warning is now lost to us, as is Vigil; taking with it not only my chance to convince the council of the true threat that faces us, but my hope to save the galaxy.

As a SPECTRE, I am the first and last line of defense. I can't fail. But I'm not able to defend this galaxy properly if I'm always forced to defend myself. And with the attack on the Citadel, the Alliance Navy heeding my warnings, I want to believe one thing: the truth will be seen. And at that point we will be ready to fight, because action is our only option. We face annihilation otherwise.


I trust this galaxy to save itself. I only wish it could fully trust me. I will never lead it astray.

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