I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I'd promised a new episode of OpCon for today, but unfortunately I have to re-neg... There is an upside, however! My CRT TV is coming on Sunday, which means I'll be able to play ANYTHING on my yet-to-play list. On top of that, I'm going to try making videos - probably not Livestream, but it'll be a recording of live footage. Not sure how they'll turn out with my limited equipment, but I feel like they'd do a better job of capturing my first impressions of a game than just jotting down notes and writing up a review after the fact.

Why aren't I doing things today? Honestly, a bit of depression. To make a long story short, I got this job right out of school that was promised to be this high-tech automation deal where I'd be involved in a design process, installation of new machines, programming robots and PLCs, all kinds of stuff... Once I moved my whole life to a new city and started, however, I discovered that everything they'd told me was a lie and they simply wanted someone overqualified to be a line operator and box packer for them. I specifically went through school so I WOULDN'T be a line operator or general labourer. So, I've been on the job hunt. I THINK I've found a new job, as I did well at my second interview (hell, the general manager drove me home), but until I get that call saying I've got the job (and at a fair wage), I'm so anxious and miserable. x_x Fuck predatory companies, man.

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- All TAY users get a 15% discount at my eBay Store, which will feature all OpCon games I decided I wasn't keeping!
- The Reagan Administration did more negative things for the US than positive!
- I will be covering 3 games in OpCon Episode 2; two have already been chosen. Someone pick a third!

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