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I'm really feeling it!
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There are some atrocious issues with this game that make it nearly unplayable. If you pre-ordered this game, cancel your pre-order NOW.

Rainbow Six: Siege is INCREDIBLY buggy.

Note, I played the game on PC and Console, and the game is equally buggy on both platforms.


Update (12/07/15) The game functions much more smoothly now. Much fewer issues involving lag. 3/4 people I mentioned who were unable to launch the game can play now, almost bug free.

The game seems to be having serious issues with computers running on an AMD processor, and nvidia graphics cards. Not sure why, will update this if I find out why.

Some issues remain, such as weak mic functionality, wall clipping, and matchmaking.

Old info below.

Note, as of the game’s release at 12 AM ET, Rainbow Six Siege servers went live. Every issue listed in this article is present in the full release of the game. From matchmaking to communications to netcode, the game is very much broken.

In the full release, some people are reporting some of the issues from the beta, none at all, or all of the issues from the beta. The issues seem to be much more present in the PvP parts of the game, and have a minimal effect on the Terrorist hunt Co-op mode.


[Update]: I have played approximately one hour of the game and it is borderline nonfunctional. I have 4 people reporting the game will either crash at launch, or crash at the beginning of matches. As per this problem, I am the only person out of 5 people who could actually play the game. On top of this, the game is very much in terrible shape. The game rubberbands back and forth like a really motivated fat man on a treadmill (I’m one of those don’t get offended)

Matchmaking is extraordinarily broken. Its REALLY common for you to join a match that will NEVER start. As in you’ll sit in the lobby, and the game will never launch because one person (it may be stuck to you) becomes incapable of loading into the game, a problem which is no fault of the player but rather the server.


Voice chat DOES NOT WORK. This completely destroys ANY kind of competitive value the game could have had. Voice over quality is HORRIBLE, its really quiet, and the sound options do not fix it at all.

The biggest problem with voice chat is that push to talk does not work. No matter WHAT you do, the game keeps your voice open so you might as well turn off voice chat, because its just gonna be tons of mic spam, like people putting music on full blast so all you can hear is Kanye West and some occasional smooth jazz.


The netcode is worse than Battlefield 4 at launch. That is an extreme insult to any game ever made. You will be shot through walls (not in the way you’re supposed to be), killed without warning because of lag, and be unable to kill enemies because of de-sync.

Everything VITAL to a competitive game’s functionality is BROKEN in this game. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. If the full release functions any better, I will update this post to reflect that, but as of now...


This game is broke af

and thus I will be postponing my review in case the release fares better.

Thanks to Streamers Gassy Mexican and Sp00nerism for telling me the game was “rubberbanding like a motherfucker” and “fine in terrorist hunt” respectively.


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