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UPDATE: Operation Condensation.

I made a fancy banner for selling the games I've decided to not keep! I'd mentioned in my initial post about Operation Condensation that TAY users get a 15% discount on anything I sell on eBay, and I've figured out how that's going to work - if you win an auction or Buy It Now on any item I'm selling, just drop me a post that you've bought it. I'll send you an invoice with the adjusted amount, which will supersede the payment you'd make through eBay proper. To see all the stuff I'm selling, go here: http://www.ebay.ca/sch/pyramidhea…

Here's a link to the original post: http://pyramidheadcrab.kinja.com/commencing-ope…
And here's a link to Episode 1: http://pyramidheadcrab.kinja.com/operation-cond…

Going forward, all updates and episodes of Operation Condensation will fall under the OpCon tag.

I need your help, however, TAY! And I don't mean buying my shit (seriously, only buy it if you actually want it - I'm not trying to whore my wares, just giving a nice discount to friends). :D I need you to pick the next 3 games I play!

Here's the full list - first three recommendations will be played sometime before Wednesday... Expect Episode 2 on Wednesday night!

Growlanser: Heritage of War (PS2)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
Harvey Birdman (PS2)
Lumines Plus (PS2)
Power Rangers: Super Legend (PS2) - Note: I'm saving this one for a Let's Play with my fiance.
Silent Hill 4: Tommy Wiseau's The Room (PS2)
Suikoden III (PS2)
Viewtiful Joe (PS2)
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land (PS2) - Note: This is an Atlus RPG I didn't know I had.
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GC)
Prince of Persia: Metalcore Within (GC)
Banjo Kazooie (N64) - Note: Along with this and the other N64 games listed, I didn't even know I had it. O_O
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N64)
NASCAR 99 (N64)
Fallout Classic Collection (PC)
Deus Ex (PC)
Indigo Prophecy (PC)
Breath of Fire IV (PS1)
Fear Effect (PS1) PASS
Monster Rancher 2 (PS1)
Rayman (PS1) FAIL
Duke Nukem Forever (PS3)
Resonance of Fate (PS3)
Splatterhouse (PS3)
Sonic Advance 3 (GBA) FAIL
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (GBA)
Boktai 2 (GBA)
Donkey Kong Land 2 (GB)
Dragon Warrior III (GBC)
Pokemon Silver - Italian Version?! (GB) - Note: Why the fuck do I have this?
Dr. Mario (GB)
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC)


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