Happy Friday, TAY!

What a glorious, rainy Friday it is. If only it were a little bit more sunshine-y and bright. A like-so:

I would first like to say thanks to everyone who volunteered to handle business when the situation was unclear.

In speaking with Astro to determine what was going on, one thing became clear and that was that she needed help with her forum as life things happened and someone to cover while she sorts things out. We've all had these moments where we just couldn't take things on at some point and as a wonderful TAY community, we've come together to help each other out whether by kind words, or carrying the weight for a bit.

As much as I would have loved to do a rotation for every single person who volunteered (and considered it for a while), I believe it would probably get too messy and unnecessarily complicated. Much like this long-winded post is becoming.


So, in part an experiment to try the rotation out as it may free up time and feel less restrictive; in part careful consideration; and in part a wonderful, scientific method called pulling names out of a bento bag: SupremeEvan and AstroK will rotate the Wednesday shift for hosting duties going forward.

That said, I would once again like to thank DisturbedShadow, General McFist and Spacegar for volunteering. If ever anyone needed coverage some time, please consider reaching out to them as to their availability! I know I will.