Doing my system transfer now, but figured I'd throw this up here:

"Zelda 3DS, meet your big brother, Zelda 3DS XL."

"Transfer the data.. that's a good boy..."

More pics and a write up later today! DON'T BE JELLY, ALL!


Well, it's quite a few hours later. After some sleep, some cereal and some work, I decided to get the family together for a little photo op.

I thought I'd go with the Triforce formation. For those not in the know, we have the Zelda DS Lite on the bottom-left, the Zelda 3DS on the bottom-right and Zelda 3DS XL tops off the pyramid of awesome.


And because I didn't have 3 Zelda games handy, I went with my secondary portable addiction:


The difference in the gold tones between the 3 DS units is a bit striking. The new 3DS XL is much more vibrant and eye-catching, while the muted gold of the DS Lite gives the feel of something a little less.. gaudy.

Of the three units, I feel like the Zelda 3DS had the benefit of the most thoughtful design team. The color gradient in the shell combined with the themed ocarina and harp designs on the cover and the more subtle gold text on the face and buttons adds up to a unit that looks a little more sophisticated and really LOOKS like it's a Limited Edition. The Zelda DS Lite is very minimal in it's presentation of the Zelda brand, with only the color and the cover Triforce being any indicator that it's a LE unit. On the flip side, the Zelda 3DS XL has a HUGE Triforce on it's top and battery covers, and the gold used is much brighter, but it doesn't FEEL like as much care was taken with the overall design and look of the unit. It could be a general release unit, or a gold unit with a Triforce vinyl; it just doesn't have the same sophistication that some of the other 3DS and 3DS XL units have had.


On use, it is very much like any other 3DS XL. It has a good weight, the 2-position screen and buttons feel right and the sound is certainly an upgrade from the 3DS, with the lower range sounding a little fuller than the smaller handheld unit.

I was waiting for a Zelda-themed 3DS XL to make the jump to the larger handheld. Am I disappointed? Just a little - I knew what I was getting, however, so I wasn't shocked or surprised by it. However, I have been wanting an XL for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to add a new Link Between Hardware Generations!


(See what I did there?)