I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled UPDATED: Overwatch and Battleborn: Which Version Are You Getting?

This is mostly a poll of sorts so I can see what system the Tay user base plans on playing either of these titles on.


Consequently, this will probably determine what I get them for if I choose to, since they are team based games. I’d like to have an actual team of sorts as opposed to all randoms.

This will also help everyone else come release time, as we can ride into battle together.


Anyways let me know below!

EDIT 2: Open beta will be available for pc, Xbox, and PS4. All characters and maps will be available as well as progression capabilities. It will be up May 5-9, and those who have pre ordered will get early access on May 3-4, in addition you will also be able to invite a friend to check it out early as well.


EDIT: Overwatch now has a set date, and with that the launch window for both games is as such:


  • Launches May 3rd,
  • pre order bonuses/ extras include:
  • Gold character skins for 5 characters (
  • At Gamestop get one of five random blind box figures.


  • Launches May 24th,
  • pre order bonuses/ extras include:
  • early access to open beta when pre ordered. (I believe beta is PC only)

Origins edition:( preorder/first press)

  • Noire widowmaker skin
  • origins skins for Tracer,Bastion, Pharah,Morrison and Reyes
  • Overwatch themed character avatar pics for StarCraft II (Tracer, Reaper, Pharah,Winston, Bastion, and Soldier: 76
  • Mercy character wings for Diablo 3
  • Tracer character for HoTS
  • Baby Winston pet for WoW
  • Overwatch card backing for Hearthstone

Collector’s Edition:

  • Everything in the Origins Edition, and the Noire Skin if preordered
  • Visual Sourcebook (artbook)
  • Soundtrack
  • Soldier: 76 Statue

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