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Username/Gamer Handle Origins

How did you choose yours?

As many of you know from my article yesterday, the name GiantBoyDetective comes from the Adult Swim classic "The Venture Bros". But why in the world did I pick that name? Well it all started back in the summer of 1994, I was out in the woods... I'm kidding. It's not that in depth. I like the Venture Bros a lot, I'm a giant (6'7 to be exact) and I often act like a boy. Also, I might be a detective.


My actual gamer handle is usually Bentendo64 or SuperBentendo. Because my name's Ben and I like Nintendo. Get it?

So how did you choose your Kotaku name or gamer tag? Some of you have names I recognize, like "Jolly Boots of Doom", which is from the Invader Zim Xmas special. But Zarnyx? What is that, some kinda antidepressant? I'm interested to see where everyone pulled them from.

Bonus Points: At some point I made a second Kotaku name for reasons I can't remember. I called myself "PresidentKing". If you can name the source of that name I will give you 1000 TAY points!

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