I'm really feeling it!

On the first day, Dog spoke to man and proclaimed " Let there be Killing Floor 2 Screens."

And it was good.


Oh loahdy. I truly am sudoriparous at the moment from all this news.

It's beautiful. *Vidiogame gore ahead*

Smoldering from the ruins of New London. News for Killing Floor 2 finally hits the streets! And it's gory.

Tripwire finally came out and announced Killing Floor 2 and gave a handful of screen shots and new information about the game.


Some highlights include:

  • Blood , gore and much dismemberment. 19 points of dismemberment to be exact.
  • Graphical update. Running on Unreal 3 tech they blend their new dynamic lighting tech. Move over Unreal2.4.
  • Level cap now goes to 25. Instead of the original game's 6.
  • Mo-cap animations. Sh*t just got real. Real smooth.
  • 10 different Perks to choose from. Why do I need so many perks T_T thanks you.
  • Melee combat revamp.
  • Gun shoot bangs with high as hell frame rate. (242 frames per second to be exact)
  • AND GORE . Did I forget to mention that?


Read more over at not here to get the full scoop and more screens. Over there.

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