There are lots of unboxing videos on Youtube. Lots. So I've decided to change things up and try something a little different, using high resolution photos to create what I call a photo unboxing! I love getting a look at what's inside a package, so I've decided to share a bit of this experience with everyone using some pictures.

Up today freshly imported from Japan is Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition for the Playstation Portable. Notable for never making it to localization, I've imported it for the purpose of using the recently released English patch to play it after finishing the first two games. Let's take a look!

Above are the contents of the box, it comes with a nice full coloured manual (in Japanese of course) as well as the UMD containing the game.


Right here we have the back of the box, detailing all the goodness that this game has to offer in a language that I sadly cannot understand (but hope to one day!)

This is the manual, I should note how much I love fully coloured manuals. Lots of interesting stuff contained in here, and even without understanding the text I was able to glean some of the main points from it. It includes character profiles and everything!


And the UMD, which features a design similar to the box art of the game.


And there is the complete package. I'm pretty happy to have a physical copy of the game, it's a great looking package. Well that's the Valkyria Chronicles III photo unboxing, hope everyone enjoyed getting a look at what's inside this package!