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Vector Thrust Takes Off From Early Access

Highway to the cel-shaded Danger Zone!

Listen up, nuggets. Are you tired of waiting for Project Aces to shape up Ace Combat to it’s former glory days? Vector Thrust might just make you want to get back into the cockpit.


This one man love letter to the famous Namco series has moved out of early acess and into full retail STEAM product last Friday. The game as gathered a lot of traction due to it’s easy of modding and ever growing community, in fact it is now community driven with people from all over the globe collaborating with assets. The current build is fling with a robust single player campaing mode, online multiplayer, a truly impressive plane roster that puts most similar offering in the market to shame and a easy to use mission editor that will allow you to make your wildest Ace Combat shenanigans come true.

Don’t expect however great performance out of your aerial acrobatics wihout either a Xbox 360 style dual analogue joypad or a flight stick, true Mavericks need all the analogue power they can get. It’s not essential, but “thrust” me (ah!) it helps.

Watch in disbelief below as I spectacularly fail the very first campaing mission because of sight seeing instead of properly escort the main asset.

There are many possibilities with the current game build as is, but with continued community support and developer taking feedback, Vector Thrust might just become the niche arcade flight sim we always deserved.


Kick the tires and light the fires. Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

*OMAKE* Bonus instant action footage because F-14.

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