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Venusaur- Pokemon One A Day!

Welcome Venusaur to Pokemon One a Day! The final form of Bulbasaur is the mascot of the original Red and Green versions in Japan, and was featured on the cover of the LeafGreen remake the world all over.


The inspiration for the art was to continue the trend of how the art style evolved with the creatures themselves. Bulbasaur as the cute patooty baby was simple and minimalistic in approach. Ivysaur's art carried far more detail, and Venusaur was given a lot more attention in execution...Not to mention I made sure he was larger on the canvas than the last two. Before I started the project, I began to think about what kind of styles I wanted to tackle. Collage came up and Venusaur was a great candidate to test it out on. Originally, I left my draft outline around the collaged parts (which is basically all of the foliage) but it felt "constricting". I'm happy with the result here and I can't wait to try collaging again for another Pokemon down the line.

Hope you enjoyed today's art! See You tomorrow!


+ Pokemon One a Day is an art series started by Bonny John in an effort to explore new, interesting, and unique methods of rendering the entire catalogue of Pokemon. The idea is simple - to come up with interesting and distinctive attempts at representing and recreating the pocket monsters we all known and love, one day at a time.

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Here's all three of the family sitting together! It looks nice to see them lined up like this, I must admit. The first evolution line down...A whole bunch of other monsters to go!

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