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Video Game Industry, an analogy.

Welcome to Cathode (formally known as Cathode Ray Tube). Cathode is a medium-large town. But this is no ordinary town, Most of Cathodes residents don't know how to cook. This has created in incredible opportunity for cooks. After years of competition the market has settled and between the snackbars and the online-food service there are three major restaurants.

These restaurants operate in a bit of a special way too. These restaurants serve dishes from any cook that comes in. So you order a meal knowing which cook made it and the prices are all comparable. The meals can differ greatly between the residents which made most of the residents of cathode partial to one or another restaurant.


One day, a couple of residents had an argument. "The One Bone restaurant is the greatest restuarant, they offer live television and the tables are always full of people you don't know", chimed a middle aged slightly overweight man, tugging his prideful beard. "That's because you enjoy easily made food", reacted an asian looking young man whit more zits than you can imagine. "The foodStation clearly has the highest quality plates and cutlery, meaning the food is great, and you can invite people to watch you eat any time you want" . A young girl tried to get into the argument. "but Heaven's luck has consistent food that's tasty AND fun", the girl was too clumsy to get her argument in. The two men didn't listen as they were fixed on each other.

Suddenly a sharp dressed man came into their room. This self-proclaimed town expert was in business and knew all the ins-and-outs of Cathode and looked upon the discussing party and shook his head. "Restaurants are a thing of the past", he thought. "Everyone can just order from the snackbar, there's no need to go to a restaurant". Starved and hungry he munched on his angry mars bar and just didn't understand why anyone still orders a 250 hour plus course of Ball Creatures, or a 100 hour course of Last Imagination.

Lastly, from the shadows, an invisible man watched, not saying much while ordering from vapor.com. "Clearly they don't understand their food" he thought as he proceeded to order one chicken nugget and a single jaw-breaker from the vapor sale.

Meanwhile, the One Bone restaurant had just opened it's doors to the east-side of town. Now the eastern residents could come in. With the grand opening in business the manager was shocked to see a lot less people walk in then they expected. One office worker walked to the manager and asked:


„Did we advertise in the east part?"

"no" was the reply

"Do we serve rice or noodles?"


"Did we invite eastern cooks to make it for us?"


"The office worker promptly left to work at the mobile snackbar "the sinking ship", The red flag with the withe dog should operate a lot better than this mess of a restaurant."


At the Foodstation business was up. The manager sat gleefully in his leather armchair smoking a cigar. A customer asked if he could talk to the manager, and they sat for their small talk.

The customer complemented the manager on an excellent restaurant but he was wondering about their mobile restaurant that had opened a few years ago.


"It seems their is little choice of menus in the portable restaurant, while the menu number 4 is expanding everyday"

The manager looked confused, "do we have a mobile restaurant. I thought we stopped food station portable"


The customer was dumbstruck: "well you know, the life restaurant?"

the manger looked confused. Somewhere in the back of his head he remembered having launched the life snackbar. But he just couldn't remember.


Restaurant Heaven's luck had seen better times. They were doing bad at the moment but things were looking up when their banana circuit menu launched. And as they were happily cooking the smashing course, a cook walked to the manager. This cook was an external cook. mr. Ubert Birtrand Hard. Ubert proclaimed that he wouldn't serve his menu's at heaven's luck anymore. His menu's didn't sell as wel in Heaven's luck as they did in the Bone or at the Foodstation.

The manager asked him to reconsider, but no was no. And the manager was to busy organizing his own cooks to really care.


Meanwhile a customer tried to other the watching cat menu, but was told that it wouldn't' be available until an hour after the day after the next. So he ordered the hidden blade menu, and asked for the extra's but was denied yet again.

"never mind then. I come here mainly for the legendary hilda menu anyway"

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