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Video Game Music, Courtesy of Fred's Two Feet

Chances are if you’re a fan of video game music you’ve hit up YouTube to search for that epic boss anthem or listen to a playlist from your favorite game to get you through the work day. One YouTube channel is working tirelessly to upload all your favorite video game music...kind of.

The channel GiIvaSunner seems determined to replace the melodies of famous and beloved game music with the theme song from The Flintstones Super Mario 64 in particular seems to be getting the most attention.

Uncanny, no? But Mario isn’t the only game getting the modern stonage remix. Anything from Zelda, Earthbound, and Sonic is fair game.

But the channel isn’t just limited to old theme songs. The channel has several mashups, loops, re-samples, and other things only a madman could dream up. Some are brilliant, others terrible, but most are hilarious.

The channel bears an intentional resemblance to GilvaSunner, a popular channel that uploads music rips and soundtracks that are actually from a game. The fake GiIvaSunner (note the capital I in place of a lower L) channel labels all it’s videos with the names of the actual tracks in the game. That’s right, GilvaSunner is a Rick Roll channel. Sometimes literally.


But if you’re in on the joke, the channel becomes a Kinder Egg of hilarious auditory surprises. You never know if you’re going to get mashup with Smash Mouth, a constant loop of a starting rhythm, a song-swap from another game, or another Flintstones theme.

Probably a Flintstones theme.

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