I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAY! I thought I would share a speech I had to give at the beginning of the week for my public speaking class. It's on how video games have grown beyond just entertainment.

While not the best speech and considering I had to keep it under 6-7 minutes, I managed to convince the half of the class that was neutral or against my main idea and in the end all of them were persuaded by my speech. Mission accomplished!


I would have liked to had more time and some video and even hands on demos but alas that cannot be so.

Some notes:

  • Yes the video is 8 minutes long. A dudes phone went off mid speech so I had to pause and gather my thoughts again.
  • Thank you GBD for your edutainment article. It reminded me of DragonBox which was a huge help.
  • Yes that is a badass Red Dead Redemption polo and NO you cannot have it. I got it back when I was an ASM at Gamestop so try eBay cause I don't know if you can buy it otherwise.
  • There are some awkward stylings on the Powerpoint. I made it on Drive and there were some formatting issues when I downloaded it to the school's computer and booted it up on Powerpoint. O well.

Well that's about it. Feel free to critique, comment, or just post thoughts. Until next time!

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