I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Two and a half years ago, I wrote of John Peter Bain, best known as “Totalbiscuit” on the internet, as he had learned his bowel cancer returned and was terminal. He was one of the most prominent figures in gaming thanks to his cynical but respectful outlook on gaming and life itself. His work didn’t just influence me, it made me decide how I wanted to live my life and what I was going to do with it. Today, John passed away in his home peacefully with his family by his side.

Its thanks to John that I am who I am and I can say without a doubt my life would be nothing like what it was without him. His videos made me want to pursue critique, so I became a journalist. I hadn’t read a book for fun for years until a couple years ago when he suggested the Witcher series, now I’m working towards my English degree in college.


Yeah I liked video games when I was younger, I was a kid, most kids like video games when they’re younger. John taught me to do more than that. When he talked about developers’ behavior, I became more interested and respectful of the lives of the people who made them, and grew a love for interviewing people and learning more about their work. When he pointed out the difficulty of creating a feature within a game I became more respectful of the hard work it took to accomplish those feats of programming.

These are the effects he’s had on me in the past seven years. There’s so many more things I could say, but it should go without saying how amazing he is and I should avoid rambling. Without him, I would not value life as much as I do and might not be here thanking him today had it not been for the wisdom he dispensed in his daily life. I never got the chance to tell him in person how much his work meant to me, but I’m absolutely sure thousands others did get the chance, and that in his final days he knew his life had meaning and impact on the world, and that his memory will live on in the millions of people he impacted. Thank you John, rest in peace.

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