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---Rewrite-- [Visual Novel micro review}

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First off, just a short background on what a visual novel is.
Simply enough, it's a novel! With visuals!
.. and music, CG artwork, and usually very pretty backgrounds and character designs..
VN's made by KEY are often very emotional, have great stories, and really get you attached to the characters and...
This is a work done by KEY.. So! It was all of that.. and more. :)


I'm not going to spoil anything in this little review, so worry not.

Each heroine has her own "route" as they call it.. her own branch in the story.. which you go down depending on the choices you make in game. That is both a very common thing in visual novels (VN's for short), and can be a very cool plot device. Rewrite definitely uses it well.


Each girl's route was unique, interesting, and always.. always had a lot of feels. Most VN's with multiple heroines, well... let's just say there is usually one or two route's that are just.. boring. Something you just want to skim through and be done with it. Not so here. Each route was a wonderfully crafted story that unfolded a new take on things.. a new future.. a new possibility.. and a whole new direction of story.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering giving VN's a try. Though it may take an hour or so to get it's "hook" into you, it will. Once it does, you will be in for a ride.. a real treat of a story.


For fear of being too excited and spoiling anything.. I will leave it it that.. but feel free to ask any question you can think of in the comments. :)

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