I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I haven't spent nearly enough time gaming lately, between working 50+ hours a weeks and arguing with people on the internet. :D I have three ideas for livestreams that could be amusing, so I'll let you pick, TAY! :D


1. uDraw marathon of all three uDraw games released for PS3 (Instant Artist, Pictionary, some chibi Marvel thing).
2. R-Type marathon (R-Type for SMS, Super R-Type for SNES, R-Type III for SNES and possibly R-Type Final for PS2).
3. Masaya marathon (Wings of Wor for Genesis, Cho Aniki for PS1 and Cybernator for SNES).

Also, what day/time would be best? I'm thinking all-day Monday or maybe the second half of Sunday. Or Saturday night. Choose!

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