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Walter White Fan Art for the Weekend!

So last week, you saw my fan art of Jesse Pinkman. I drew up that art to celebrate the return of season 5 of Breaking Bad, and as a follow up to this work, which as you see is episode 2 of my YouTube webseries SeeBonnyDraw. I actually consider this to be episode 1 because the first, which features Slenderman was kind of a test run.

How I speak, as well as the task of teaching the audience about Walter and discussing my perspective of the painting process as you can see in the video below is in its incubation stage. Naturally over today, I have come to become comfortable recording and providing narration, and my equipment (specifically the mic) have upgraded to deliver a better production.

Anyway, Walter White and Breaking Bad has appeared on everyone's radar, regardless if you watch the show or not. You've probably got friends or family hyping up the show (and for good reason of course!) so hopefully this post won't bother you too much. I figured I can share some outside stuff from video games on weekends as a way to separate myself from the work I'm sharing here, be it Smash Bros. Roster Wishlist art or Pokemon One a Day .


Hit expand. You know you want to. Look at that baldy goodness.

When I released this work almost a year ago, I had a very positive response to it, which gave me the confidence to continue the YouTube series. At this time, I hadn't created digital works to such level of refinement, so it was self motivating to attempt to one up myself with each new episode and character feature.

However, I soon learned that was not really possible, in the facet I was concerned anyway. Yes, it's possible to develop your skills on the technical level, but the way to truly evolve as an artist is to start thinking behind the scenes and figuring out ways to apply you personal "x-factor"to each new piece. Thus, the last year has been all about exploration of styles and building confidence, and the developing the technical aspects were all apart of the ride, without me realizing it.

And that's enough for now, I suppose! I hope you enjoyed the read and the art! If you'd like, you can subscribe to me on YouTube and share the video around. And speaking of which, watch it here:

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