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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Wanna Live? Get A Shiv.

Happy Weekend TAY!

Everyone geared up for a great weekend? I’m hoping the weather will be warm enough to put the car on the driveway and clean all the road salt out of it. Looks to be on track for 5C (41F) so if that holds, that should be good enough.


I finished The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings last week. It is a fine game, but not without some issues. The last location in the game feels a little unpolished but also sports some of the best battles and some surprisingly cool puzzles.

It was the overall story that held the game back from greatness. It never seemed to find its focus. We start off with the assassin of kings (not spoiling anything, it is in the title) but then we seem to find another major story to focus on which carries us almost to the end of the game. This also encompasses the “real” final boss followed by a lackluster battle to wrap up the original plotline. It all feels a little messy and anticlimactic.


I had a lot of fun with The Witcher 2, but I’d don’t know how enthusiastically I’d recommend it for anything other than for experiencing the full journey of Geralt through the series. For me, the first game was actually the better experience outside of the superior combat engine in the second game. Thankfully, this will now leave me free to played The Witcher 3 that everyone seems to be so in love with.

I need to take an RPG break though, I can’t do those type of games too often as they wear on me in weird ways. Too much talking, too much inventory, and too much backtracking. After Fallout: New Vegas and The Witcher 2, I think I need to up my action game count significantly.


So, what I’ve started now is The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay on PC as part of the Assault on Dark Athena release. This version of Butcher Bay was the last time this game was “remastered”.


When I am put in a position to make a “top 10 favourite all-time games” list, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay takes third place. This is just behind (#2) System Shock 2 and the newly crowned (#1) Alien: Isolation. Before now, I have never played this PC version of Butcher Bay, though I have played the 360 port of the Dark Athena version. I have played the original PC “Director’s Cut” of Butcher Bay numerous times as well as the original Xbox version. It has been a long time since I played Riddick (almost eight years) and I was a little nervous to see how well my beloved game has held up.

Thankfully, it holds up exceedingly well (so far).

Ugh! So, Low-Res Looking.

I was initially a little put out by the lack of FOV (field of view) adjustments but quickly adapted to that, especially since I can now scale down to 1080p from a 4K resolution. What threw me off the most was how ugly the game looked. Everything was really low resolution and didn’t have that very pleasing look I remembered. Could my rose-coloured glasses be that thick?

Whew! That Looks Much Better.

Finally, after an hour of looking at that mess, I went to the internet to see if there were any complaints about the graphics or if possibly the PC version of Assault On Dark Athena was flawed.

Turns out, I’m just dumb. There was another set of video options that I failed to notice because I didn’t realize the video option window scrolled down. On top of that, all the defaults for the game were either on low or off. Eventually, once that was all fixed, the game looks even better than I remembered.


I’m in love all over again, but I’m not too far into the game yet. Huge props to Vin Diesel, Riddick is such a badass and his one-liners always bring a smile to my face.


I’m looking forward to this weekend where I don’t have yet another grade 5 test to help my son study for. I imagine there will be lots of Diablo 3 to play with the family and I am giddy with excitement to get back to Riddick. I’m also hoping to play some Rock Band 4 which we haven’t played since before Christmas.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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