If you've ever wanted to get a start on learning Japanese, now's a good time to do so, as a lot of the resources that I personally use are going on sale, and the creator is doing a big overhaul on all the content and likely raising the price afterwards, so right now is probably the best time to hop on the bandwagon if you're interested.

The first thing on sale is TextFugu/EtoEto. Right now you can buy a lifetime membership for $49 (normally costs $120). TextFugu right now is essentially an introductory kind of textbook for Japanese. The creator (Koichi) hasn't been satisfied with TextFugu for a while now, so he's been building something from the ground up called EtoEto to essentially be the successor to TextFugu and teach people above just the basic-intermediate level. So in order to not rip the people who already have bought a lifetime membership to TextFugu, anyone who already owns a lifetime membership to TextFugu will get grandfathered into EtoEto when it launches. This is a pretty stellar deal, as before EtoEto launches you'll have complete access to TextFugu and when it does launch, you'll already own a lifetime membership to EtoEto. This will likely be the cheapest an EtoEto lifetime membership will be so if you're interested, I would definitely get this.

You can learn more about TextFugu and try out the first chapter/season here: www.textfugu.com

More about the sale here:


The other thing that's on sale although I wouldn't necessarily jump on the lifetime subscription right away is WaniKani. WaniKani is essentially a spaced repetition kanji learning website. I personally really like using it for learning Kanji, as all you have to do is complete the lessons and do your reviews, and you don't have to worry about updating/maintaining the Volcab/Kanji lists. You get 50% off if you have a lifetime TextFugu membership, but considering it's just a discount code, I'll just leave this here… (If you put in the discount code "wanikani heart textfugu" at checkout, you'll get 50% off.) You can either subscribe monthly for $8 a month or its $80 a year. Of course with the 50% off it gets reduced to $4 a month or $40 a year.

WaniKani is also having a crazy New Year's Sale where for the first time; they're offering a lifetime subscription to WaniKani. This thing is fairly expensive however ($250) so it's more aimed at people who have already been using WaniKani for a while as any of the subscription you've already paid will get deducted from the price. Also, if you have a lifetime TextFugu membership, they'll cut the price by an additional $50.

You can sign up and try the first two levels of WaniKani here although be warned, WK is fairly slow to start off but it definitely picks up in the later levels: https://www.wanikani.com/signup


Both of these offers end January 9th 2015.