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Want to Play Phantasy Star Online 2 in English Now? Here's How.

The other day I was asked about getting PSO2 set up and online by our newly-minted admin, Aikage. So without further ado, this one's for you, friend.


First things first. You'll need to set up an account on Ship 2, where the English community is; do that by following Richard's awesome guide, when you're done with that portion, come on back here. I'll be waiting.

GREAT! Welcome back, now that you've done that, you have your account, and have the game installed, you'll want to be able make sense of it, amirite? Well, fortunately there's just one thing left to do, install AIDA's PSO2 Tweaker. Make sure to check the "Translate Items" checkbox for the full English experience.

For a preview of how PSO2 looks after all is said and done, check out this preview video:

Image used with permission from artist HaveConquest. Image is of my Character, Ryo, find me on ship 2. Yeah, I'm that guy who pays people to draw his MMO characters, what of it?

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