For the last year I have been working on a webcomic called Second Jen. It follows the day to day life that surrounds the offspring of gamings greatest (and so greatest) as they muddle through elementary school.

As an elementary teacher and avid gamer the content came easily and to date I have written close to 70 strips, all four panels in length. Unfortunately my good friend Alice Carroll, who was originally working with me on illustration has become so swamped with prior commitments that she cannot take on Second Jen any longer.


So. I need an illustrator. One who would be willing to work for cheap (or free) at least until we get some decent exposure. I'm hoping to publish one comic a week. can't have any Joe Shmoe off the street either! This comic is my baby and I need someone who knows their way around a drawing tablet and a gaming controller. So if you are or know of someone who would be perfect for the job please let me know in the comments below.

Second Jen can be great! It just needs a chance :D