I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***

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Please read this post! It's urgent!

Regarding the new TAY setup, I received an e-mail from Gawker yesterday that they will be removing all Authorship and Admin statuses and closing down TAY. They

Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***
Lauren Bertolini
Mar 31 (yesterday)
Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***
Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***
Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***
to me
Warning: TAYpocolipse Forthcoming ***UPDATED***
Dear TAY Admins,
I regret to inform you that the current level and quality of the activity on TAY is not living up to Gawker standards. While we value community involvement, we feel that the kind of posting we are seeing here would be better left to the general comments sections in the articles.
As we refine the new site design, we are always looking to improve and find better ways to encourage community involvement. Going forward, our focus will be on encouraging the community more actively engage in the actual articles, rather than in a separate section devoted to just commentors. We feel it segregates the community and overall decreases the quality of the comments in the main threads.
Sometime during the upcoming week, once all the details have been finalized, we will be closing down TAY and revoking all authorship and admin status. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to maintaining this site for us, and we hope you will continue to be involved in the community and encourage community involvement on the main site. Thank you for all your time and effort!

I know a lot of you aren't happy with the new TAY set-up, but I don't want it to go away completely, and TAYCLASSIC just doesn't cut it in its current set-up.

Listen, I have a plan that I think can help us save TAY:

First, I'm asking that all the authors put up their best content today. The more articles the better!

Once we've done that, the next job will be left up to the commenters. Please help us out by posting in the comments sections of the articles! The more the better! Let's show them that we really are involved as a community!

Oh, and make sure there's some thought put into them! Funny, insightful, whatever. Just make sure it's good!

Lastly, let's also try to encourage some commenting in the main articles. If they can see that we're not just hanging out in here and ignoring the main site, maybe they'll see that TAY is worth keeping!

Sadly, I fear we may be too late, but I'm not willing to give up without a fight! Expect to hear a lot more from me today. Together, we can save TAY!

***Update: Read the first letter of each non-italicized paragraph.***

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